Taking The SAVC To New Heights – by Lunah Valur Eir

ScreenShot004The Voices of the Vampire Community – better known as the VVC, has again added new members from South Africa to its membership. Continue reading

SAVA Senatorial Elections Held 18-20 March 2014

Hi Res NarrowInternal SAVA elections were held this past week to select Senators for the SAVA Shadow Senate in accordance with the parameters set by our Membership Mandate.

Continue reading

Meet The Newbies – New SAVA Members

Hi Res NarrowDuring the month of February, the SAVA held it’s first new members selection for 2014 and added 4 new members to its number. We decided it was time to post their introductions. Continue reading

SAVA Adds New Words For ‘Vampyre’, ‘Awakening’ To Local Lexicon

MuttalikuIn May 2013 the SAVA announced additions to how it would categorize donors and vampyric donors in the SA VC. Included in the list of new terms were words which carried with them an attachment to the remote and ancient past, evoking Mesopotamian cultures, where we find perhaps the oldest references to the archetype of the Vampyre. Since then, some of these new terms – particularly “isda”, have crept into the local lingo of the VC. This week, the SAVA has followed up with the inclusion of two new terms for the local cultural lexicon. Continue reading

Solidarity – by Kay Valkir Noctem

These last couple of weeks in the Vampyre community have been difficult for some of our members, who have experienced everything from unemployment and personal health problems to death of friends and relatives and the loss of beloved pets. I would say it has been a particularly hard few weeks for a large percentage of our SAVA members. Continue reading

Interview: Father Izak – Fang Smith, Musician, Vampyre

It’s been some time since we did a local interview, and one of the more elusive participants of our local community is the upcoming fang-smith known as Father Izak. It’s hard to quantify or classify Izak. You see, we usually do an interview of an author or a musician or a community participant – but Izak seems to have dabbled in all these categories. Izak is based in Centurion, Gauteng, heads up House of Havoc, plays in a Vampyre band called Psi-brid, and also makes fangs. Continue reading

A Question Of Elders – by Psion Valur De Nocte


It seems that the ‘hot topic’ of the moment in the wide VC is ELDERS….who are they? What are they? How do we know who they are? And should we care? Continue reading


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