Sang Castles, Fangtasies And Other Tales – by Octarine Valur

Recently there was some upset in the VC about, what else – but Vampyres? This article is not an attempt to prolong existing arguments, to incite new arguments about who is “more” of a Vampyre than who, or to place blame for any past events – or to take cheap shots at anybody. It is a simple examination of our history as a community, and about the issues raised in a number of separate debates, some in public, and some in private.

As with any discussion, we should begin at the starting point – a baseline, and for this discussion, it is this: Some people, particularly modern participants of the VC, understand that the Vampyre Community as we understand it today – that is, the online aspect of this subculture, once had no ‘Psis’ or ‘Hybrids’ at all. These individuals have stated that it once consisted exclusively of blood drinkers, and that it was founded by sanguine Vampyres. Psi-vamps – or psychic or energy vampires, are regarded by these same individuals, as an external group which was ‘allowed’ to identify as Vampyres and to participate in Vampyre groups due to what some have called ‘a lapse in standards and liberal allowance’.

In contrast to opinions expressed lately from some quarters, chiefly sanguine, I see no need to segregate the community, on or offline, based upon feeding method… and like any reasonable person, I can understand the need for sang-only forums and psi-only forums, which are there to deal with feeding issues – but what these individuals have described lately is a total separation, on and offline… and based not upon logic or some morally justifiable reason – but upon a festering dislike based upon the same lack of knowledge and ignorance as what sparked off the first conflict – and that I don’t agree with.

The posts made by most of those in favor of segregation of psi and sang participants frequently include derogatory language, leaving the reader in little doubt that they bear a festering hate for psi’s and ‘hybrid’ feeders. I’m a sanguine too – but I can’t wrap my head around that way of thinking. Continue reading

Lessons From Apartheid – A cautionary tale of segregation – by Cian Ashling

BenchLast week, the OVC (Online Vampyre Community) was shaken by the claim, made in a series of passion-filled arguments in a popular international VC forum, that “most” Sanguinarian vampyres wish to divide the existing VC along the lines of sanguine and psychic or energy Vampyres, so that each interacts solely in their own separate community. This was followed with repeated admonitions to Psi-vamps, ‘hybrids’, Therians and Otherkin, that they should follow suit and separate into distinct little subculture clusters of their own, isolated from the Vampyre Community at large, since they “should never have been allowed to participate in the VC in the first place”.

Continue reading

SAVA Statement Regarding Sowetan Article On “Vampire” Religion In Schools

SAVA GlyphThe SAVA today made a statement in reaction to the Sowetan article published on Saturday October 4, “Satanists call for rights – Groups want to work in schools” in which the newspaper claimed “Sowetan understands that the groups who go by the names of Pagans and Vampires also approached the previous MEC for education Barbara Creecy with the same request”.

“At no time did the SA Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) contact the MEC for Eduction, Barbara Creecy, or the Sowetan with the intent of “working in schools”. Continue reading

Happy Heritage Day! – A Message From The SAVA

Today is Heritage Day in South Africa, and for many of us it is a public holiday, a time to relax, and to enjoy with friends and family. Some call it “braai day”, but considering the wet weather we are having in some places today, that seems somewhat unlikely. However, everywhere there are people celebrating their heritage openly, and even publicly, whether in large groups, or small. Whether they are celebrating their ethnicity, their religious affiliations, their language, their sexual orientations or even their gender – or permutations of the above, most people will be celebrating their personal identities. But what about participants in the Vampyre subculture? Continue reading

Sign Up Now – And That’s An Order! – by Val

Participants in the South African VC may soon be wondering what the new groups are that are being talked about by SAVA members.  Are they secretive groups, up to dodginess and mystery? Are they involved in *insert scary music here* ‘the occult’? Does “B.Y.O.B” on the group event invitations stand for “Bring Your Own Body”? Oh goodness, no! Anyway, this article will explain EXACTLY what these new groups are about, without any kind of subterfuge or attempt to mislead, for your information and for your peace of mind. Continue reading

Writer’s Challenge Winner Announced – by Dagan Nightalon

1970910_596146997161633_6509684176107189167_nTo the amazing list of writers who agreed to write a short story for this challenge: Thank you so much for sharing your awesome short stories with us! Every nominee did an outstanding job! We all appreciate the time and effort you put into these creations! Prizes for the Best Short Story judged by votes is……..

Chris van der Merwe! Congrats bud! We will be contacting you shortly for details so we can send through your prizes donated by Nadine and myself.

Chris, as the winner, you are now to choose a Topic as well as nominate the next 4 candidates for the next write off.


Interview – Sonja Ruppersberg and Paul Blom Talk – Terminatryx and HorrorFest – by Nadine



What was your vision for Terminatryx when you decided to start the project?

Initially the project was going to be a fun activity for my friend Christina and I.  We wanted to be in a band, like most people, and like most people we did not realize how much went into it  :) Paul agreed to write some material for us and before we even knew what was happening we had material and an invitation to perform live with a touring band from Germany, Diary of Dreams.  The intention was always to get to that point at some stage, but we never thought that it would happen so fast. Continue reading


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