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Culture Shock – Part 1: The Secret

Some newcomers to the South African VC have been quite perplexed and even frustrated by some aspects of the culture. They struggle with the terminology, they find the culture cryptic and arcane, and some things just don’t suit some of them all that well. Top of the list has to be the secrecy. It’s quite a different outlook to get used to, when you have been accustomed to being open about everything else, having lived in a human-rights-friendly country for the past 20 or so years, and not having to fear any more for your life on account of being different, or looking different. It certainly is complicated. But, as one elder told me when I first entered the community, “there’s no politics like vamp-politics”. That’s for sure. Continue reading


Vampyre Nature: Part 1 – Awakening

[In a four-part Series focusing on Vampyre nature, we begin with part 1 – Awakening, and what this means to a self-identified Vampyre.]

Many times I have wondered about our nature as Vampyres. What is it? Where does it come from? Why me? And why blood? Of all things, surely something else would be easier to obtain, and to explain? But blood? As a sanguine, it should come as no surprise that I should question this need of ours – this need which drives us to consume the essence of others, to take it into ourselves and to make it a part of us – and which sets us apart from those around us. Continue reading

The Vampyre Connection

VC members were horrified last week by the news of the Iraqi massacres in which Islamist terror-militia abducted teenagers from schools and from the streets and brutally killed them. Pictures of several victims were circulated on the web over the weekend. An estimated 117 teenagers were reportedly marked for death specifically because they dressed in Western-inspired styles, wore non-traditional haircuts, or were identified as being gay. For some time before the massacres, Iraqi religious leaders and even the Ministry of the Interior are supposed to have released official documents, accusing those who identify as “Emo” of “sedition”, “witchcraft” and “satanism”. Of particular interest to our community however, is the specific accusation levelled against the victims, of being “vampires”. Were they really? Continue reading

Tolerance – An ‘Endangered Species’? – by Psion Valur

I’ve always been a very broad-minded person, I know there are a LOT of people out there who are VERY different to me in some ways and NO different to me in others and that’s just fine with me. There are straight, gay, lesbian, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Vampyre and many, many others as well you know, but just because those people are different to me in those ways (or maybe not as the case may be), they are still EXACTLY the same as me because they are all human.

Continue reading

Our Little Experiment

Feeding. It’s a simple little word, implying to most people the act of opening a bottle or tin or packet of something, and just consuming it. For us though – for sanguine Vampyres – it’s not quite as simple as that. Curious to note the effects of feeding, feeding in increased amounts, and then feeding less again, my Donor and I set about conducting our own private experiment. Continue reading

In Darkness And Light: Part 4 of 4 – by Val

It was the day before Christmas, and although it was only about 12 in the afternoon, it had already been a long day for us. For me that day had begun with a frantic phone call and the discovery of a suicide note on my phone, and the traumatic search for my missing friend T – which led me into isolated wild places in the raw bush I fervently wished I would never see again – and to her miraculous discovery in the middle of nowhere, beside her car – where she had lain down alone to die. Continue reading

In Darkness And Light: Part 3 of 4 – by Val

In retelling this tale to others – even friends, I have run into a wall of denial from overly religious people who clearly demonstrate an inability to accept truths which differ from their children’s fairytale version of the world, and – this I find hard to believe – insist that such things (if true at all) are entirely the fault of the victims! Continue reading