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An Introduction To The Spirit & Soul – by Circe Arcanum

There are many layers of being human, both inside and out.  There is a general understanding that there is a higher intelligence, – statistics state that the majority of people alive today believe in something bigger than them. A fundamental creative power in the universe which is the source and substance of all existence.  The words and concepts that have been used are many – like  The Universe, Source, Spirit, Cosmic Intelligence, Higher Power, Higher Self, Inner Guidance, The Light, The Force,  God and the Christ Consciousness. Continue reading


Mother’s Day – For Vampyres

Today is Mother’s Day. It’s a day when we remember our mothers, and the part they played in our lives – from our birth, right up to this day. As Vampyres, we know of the many myths and theories surrounding our origins as an identity. Some among us are Pagan, and some among us are not. Some favor the theory that we originated as offspring of Mundanes and fallen Angels as told of in Jewish scriptures. Others ascribe to the ancient Mesopotamian legends, which it has to be said, tend to be the basis of many Jewish legends and even form the basis of later Christian myth as well. One thing these different tales have in common between them, is the legendary name of Lilith – whom some claim, is the Mother of Vampyres. For some of us, there may be some personal truth in the legends and myths – and while there is little to confirm any of it, the myth and belief itself is dear and deeply spiritual. And why not? It’s Mother’s Day, after all. Continue reading

The Mantra of the Living Vampyre

I am a living Vampyre, gifted with an affinity for energy and a need to consume it.

I do not need to cause harm to feed, nor to take it by force,
For there are those who will give of themselves freely at my request.
I grant anyone I ask for help the right to refuse to help me, should they choose it,
Just as I reserve the right to choose to help those it is within my power to help.
I cherish those who choose to sustain me, in gratitude for their kindness.

I know that everyone has a dark side, and that mine is no darker than most.
I know that I have a shadow, just as everyone has a shadow.
I know that if I do not walk in light, I walk in shadow, without light.
I cannot walk in light without casting a shadow, and my shadow cannot exist unless I walk in light
I accept that it is by my shadow that I shall know the light.
As a Vampyre, I walk the line between the light and the shadow, and at times, astride it.

I know that though I am one, those like me are many – as I also know that through our Communion, the many are one.
I understand that alone I am strong, but together with others like me, I am stronger.
I hold myself accountable for my actions, as I hold others accountable for theirs.

I do not call myself “monster”, because monster is, as monster does.
The Beast is a monster, but I am not the Beast.
The Thirst is strong, but I am stronger.
Though I suffer in Thirst, I am more than this.

I am a Vampyre, but I am also human as well.

SA VC Celebrates Human Rights Day 2012

Today is Human Rights Day in South Africa. Today, we as the Vampyre – and associated community of this country, celebrate both our humanity as well as
our other-ness under the safety and provisions of the South African Constitution. Continue reading

In Darkness And Light: Part 4 of 4 – by Val

It was the day before Christmas, and although it was only about 12 in the afternoon, it had already been a long day for us. For me that day had begun with a frantic phone call and the discovery of a suicide note on my phone, and the traumatic search for my missing friend T – which led me into isolated wild places in the raw bush I fervently wished I would never see again – and to her miraculous discovery in the middle of nowhere, beside her car – where she had lain down alone to die. Continue reading

In Darkness And Light: Part 2 of 4 – by Val

Irritation – the feeling brought about when discussing supernatural events with small-minded people who cannot think past mental blocks rolled in the way by their inaccurate religious belief that people who perceive paranormal phenomena are “satanists” – or that possessing such skills is a manifestation of “evil” or an “obsession” with it. Continue reading

Blood And Vampiric Beliefs

Vampyres are synonymous with the consumption of blood – but Vampyres – like most people, have certain personal and religious beliefs around the use of blood, folk-loric and mythical – and like other people, we hold diverse beliefs about this precious resource and how it relates to us. In this article, I ask some local vamps about their beliefs and rituals concerning the blood. Continue reading