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SA Police To Get Witch And Vampire Hunters

In a press release today, the South African Pagan Rights Alliance (SAPRA) addressed the formation of a new Occult Crime Unit to investigate crimes supposedly linked to supernatural events or committed out of a belief in the supernatural.

Of special significance to our community is the specific mention of vampirism as one focus area of this new unit, which comes across as eerily similar to its predecessor, which terrorized non-Christian religious and spiritual communities through the lens of ill-conceived “Satanic panic” doctrine during its 1991-2000 tenure, until it was disbanded after being found to be “out of touch” with the country’s new constitution. Our community – and indeed any community which may find itself in the cross-hairs of this unit, should be wondering what has changed, and why?  Continue reading


Are We The Judge And Jury?

On the internet, we often come across groups that seem suspect, weird, wacky, elitist or any number of other things. If you’re like me, you do a little research and then form a personal opinion of said groups. Often it seems, others might have the same opinion of these groups, which forms your opinion even more. Continue reading