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Announcement: House Carpe Noctem – by Kay Valkir

Today I am happy to announce the opening of my own group under the Ilyatha Halo, called House Carpe Noctem. [This House will be seeking new members in the Ilyatha Halo (Mpumalanga province). Interested parties to contact Kay Valkir with inquiries.]

Who are they really? – Kay Valkir

It’s time for the next episode in the SA Vampyre News series of interviews, the purpose of which is to introduce some members of the SA Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) to other local Vampyres and to our friends in the local community. The idea took form on the Facebook group “Friends of the SA Vampire”. In the fourth interview in the series “Who are they really”, we’ll be interviewing Kay Valkir Continue reading

Ronin At Heart, Ronin No More, by Kay Valkir

By Kay Valkir, Ilyatha Halo: Every journey has a beginning, this is mine. When I discovered I was a Vampyre I was quite shocked, afraid, confused and inevitably lonely. So the first thing I did was desperately search all over wap sites (as I could only access internet via my phone at the time) and found a so called true Vampyre forum site (which I shall not name), obviously I had to join. Continue reading