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Community Warning – Journalists Carry Out Sting Operations On Vampyres

DatelineNBC-VampiresThe Atlanta Vampire Alliance has put out a warning about journalists conducting “sting operations” in which they arrange for someone to pose as a potential donor for a Vampyre, and when they meet for the first time, they are secretly filmed discussing the details of their interaction. Continue reading


What DOESN’T Make It To The Papers – by Val

Demonic co-workerRecently, there has been a sharp rise in SRA reporting in South African print media surrounding various crimes being incorrectly linked to various religions and subcultures by the press, misinformed public servants and so-called “interfaith groups” who co-incidentally just happen to agree with all the SRA misinformation and add fuel to the hysteria it causes. Continue reading

Turning Nasty

This morning I saw an article being circulated online by the South African Pagan community – it seems a bunch of kids set some of their friends alight while playing on a hilltop with some gasoline and matches. A bible and a little blood were involved – so naturally, it was Satanism. Continue reading

Your Questions, Answered

Often Vampyres face questions from the curious outsiders who look at our community and wonder “what went wrong”, without considering the possibility that that answer just might be “nothing”. The awakened Vampyre is a being who has come to terms with their condition, and accepted it, and who knows this is the way they are supposed to be. For better or worse, everything in life has a purpose, even us. What that purpose is, of course, is open to debate by philosophers and theologians alike, and what the answer to that question is, will likely remain a mystery. Continue reading

Interview With The… Journalist

Ever since Anne Rice released “Interview with the Vampire” in 1976, the title has been alluded to in the titles of articles referring to real Vampyres being interviewed. We thought it might make a refreshing change to interview some journalists who have interviewed Vampyres, so SAVN sent out a questionnaire to two journalists who wrote articles on topics of vampirism and the real Vampyre community in South Africa. These are the responses we received. Continue reading

Interviews With Vampyres – An Appeal For Caution

Journalists love vampires. Partly this fascination comes about when they hear of individuals who identify as vampires. Imagine the front-page-potential that angle holds. It’s no wonder then, that often the Vampyre Community is viewed with suspicion by those who have only had a tiny glimpse into what is a tight-knit community, focusing on only a narrow part of what is really a rich and diverse subculture. Many times this suspicion is fueled by the application of assumptions and stereotypes, and a known tendency of the media to exaggerate and to sensationalize aspects of our culture in a manner that panders to those adept at stoking fires of “satanic-panic”, which has in the past led to witch-hunts and persecution for many closed communities. Continue reading