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AltSA: “We Dispute Your View…”

2013 Dec AltSA Mag (1)In a follow-up exchange of emails between the SAVA and AltSA, SAVN brings you the latest news:

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AltSA “Interview” Disappoints Local VC

2013 Dec AltSA Mag (1)In August 2013, a new local online alternative magazine which was set to launch in December, contacted the SAVA looking for participants in the SA Vampyre community to interview. Due to the assurances given, and the fact that this new publication was presenting itself as being part of the alternative lifestyles community in South Africa, this request was considered more seriously than others in recent times, and passed along to other members of the community to consider. A face-to-face interview was arranged,  and according to both parties, this went reasonably well. Unfortunately, the final article which appeared in the first issue of the online publication fell far short of expectations.

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What DOESN’T Make It To The Papers – by Val

Demonic co-workerRecently, there has been a sharp rise in SRA reporting in South African print media surrounding various crimes being incorrectly linked to various religions and subcultures by the press, misinformed public servants and so-called “interfaith groups” who co-incidentally just happen to agree with all the SRA misinformation and add fuel to the hysteria it causes. Continue reading