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Donors Versus Vampires… The Unending Debate – by Belfazaar Ashantison

Throughout my tenure in the Vampire Community, both online and off, there has been several debates raging in the dark…  None, to me as a Sanguine Vampire, are more important than the “Donor versus Vampire” debate…  It has been a major struggle to even get Donors recognized in many Houses/Clans/Covens/Orders who are “followers of the olde guard”… (insert sarcastic smile here please)…  Continue reading


So What Do You Think, Doc? Am I A Vampyre? – by Val

Vampyres and vampyric people have long been fielding questions about what makes them think they are vampyric, or if there are any “markers”, “symptoms” or “signs” that people could use to figure out whether or not they are really vampyric – or dealing with accusations that they are simply “delusional” or “mentally ill”. Unfortunately, most of us have, either directly or indirectly felt the burn of such accusations, or when they are frequently applied to the Vampyre Community. Sometimes though, individuals come along who claim that they are no longer Vampyres, that they have either “outgrown” the need to feed, or somehow been “cured” – or otherwise make claims which appear to invalidate our whole community, along with our own need to self-identify as Vampyres. How should the VC and real Vampyres handle such claims? Continue reading

Mrs. Unusual and Mr. Mundane – by Psion Valur

Soooo, what is it like to be married to a witch/psi vamp?? Well if you asked my husband that question, he could only answer part of it. Why? Because although he knows I’m a witch (and part of what goes with that) he has no idea that I’m a psi vamp, probably wouldn’t understand what a psi vamp is, or even think that such a person exists.

Continue reading

The Vampyre Connection

VC members were horrified last week by the news of the Iraqi massacres in which Islamist terror-militia abducted teenagers from schools and from the streets and brutally killed them. Pictures of several victims were circulated on the web over the weekend. An estimated 117 teenagers were reportedly marked for death specifically because they dressed in Western-inspired styles, wore non-traditional haircuts, or were identified as being gay. For some time before the massacres, Iraqi religious leaders and even the Ministry of the Interior are supposed to have released official documents, accusing those who identify as “Emo” of “sedition”, “witchcraft” and “satanism”. Of particular interest to our community however, is the specific accusation levelled against the victims, of being “vampires”. Were they really? Continue reading

Quo Vadis?

The past month or two has led us to a point where I suppose you could say we are in the process of testing the waters on the matter of coming out in SA. Is it a good thing we did? A bad thing? Have we achieved what we set out to do? When SAVA was formed in May this year, we set out to let the world know we are here, what we are about, and that we have peaceful and friendly intentions towards the rest of society in general. By now it seems abundantly clear that there has been some trouble in the Pagan community about the sudden revelation that Vampyres walk among them. Continue reading