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The Obfuscation of Father Sebastiaan Inc. An Illuminating Investigation for the Vampi(y)re Community – by Octarine Valur

Speak-upThe South African Vampyre Community is steadily evolving and coming into our own. With each passing month we grow larger and stronger – not only in numbers, but also in stature among our international Vampi(y)re Community brothers and sisters. We have developed our own unique culture and community character, complete with educational materials, guidelines, literature, and have even held some small but successful events. We have overcome numerous obstacles to our continued existence and we have even had to face the potential threats posed by hostile groups in our own country. We walk with our heads held high among the diverse groups of the international Vampi(y)re Community. Despite all of our advances in the past couple of years, imagine for a moment that there was another threat… one that came not from outside our culture, but from within. Continue reading


Who Are They Really? – Michelle Belanger

Many of our newer community members in South Africa are starting to participate in international VC groups online, and they are encountering a community that has been around a lot longer – and when they encounter well-known names in these circles, they often don’t know who these people are, or what they’ve contributed to the growth of your respective communities, as well as the total culture of the VC. In this article, we will be interviewing one of the Vampyres who helped establish the modern Vampyre Community as it is today. She’s a spokesperson and media consultant for Vampyre affairs who has appeared on numerous TV shows and documentaries; she has authored an astonishing number of authoritative books and articles on the subject of real vampyrism and especially psychic feeding technique, energy work and vampyric spirituality. For just over two decades she has had a profound effect on the VC as we know it. SAVN is honored to interview – Michelle Belanger. Continue reading