Shadow Senate Confirms – Group Affiliations Are Back!

SAVA GlyphAt the most recent meeting of the Shadow Senate held on February 4, 2015 it was decided that the previous ruling which prevented Covens and Houses from affiliating with the SAVA was stifling the growth of the local VC; in that participants no longer saw the need to form groups of their own to service the needs of their own areas.

This ruling, made in 2012, was effectively overturned.

It was decided that henceforth the SAVA would maintain a ‘Register of VC Covens/Houses who have friendship agreements with the SAVA’. That way, local groups would be encouraged to form in the local community and still be an active part of the SA VC, but while not being PART of the SAVA. This would encourage their members (and leaders) to be more proactive in the community.

These groups are to bear in mind that this is not an ‘external membership’ to the SAVA, but more like a friendship and mentorship agreement of mutual benefit to both organizations. They would need to assure the SAVA that the group, its leaders and members would pledge to abide by the Totum Lex Vampyrica, and keep their noses clean as far as the law of the land is concerned.

This new ruling would affect existing groups too – meaning that while the new arrangement is intended to stimulate the apearance, growth and development of new groups in the SA VC, it should also appeal to existing and already established local groups.

This effectively means that Covens or Groups in the local VC may once again affiliate to the SAVA, but that this will not mean any kind of membership in the SAVA. Groups affiliated to the SAVA will be displayed on the SAVA website.

Interested parties may contact the SAVA directly to discuss affiliation or friendship agreements with the SAVA.


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