The Donor & Vampyre Relationship – by Lunah Valur Eir

MuttalikuTo be or not to be. That is the question…. A trivial question from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, yes? A trivial question from a Donor to a Vampyre, not so much.

Vampyre’s feeding…. Your mind races to strobe-lit images of beautiful women covered in blood, sex and music, lustful eyes, your nerves stand on end, echoes of moans and sounds of pleasure… This is where the fictional movie rudely disappoints – there’s nothing that glamorous asking someone for some of their blood. But it’s our lot as sanguines to depend on those that are willing, or to resort to meat-blood.

Picking a Donor, or at least coming to an understanding with one, doesn’t happen often – but when it does, the angels sing, the planets align, and we feed. But even something as simple as feeding turns out to be a lot more complex than one would expect, and that complexity must be taken as seriously as life and death.

When partnering with someone in a Donor/Vampyre relationship, the first step is communication. Everything must be discussed and discussed and discussed again. How will you feed? Will there be cutting? Who will do the cutting? How will you handle the aftercare? Will you use a syringe? What kind of syringe will be used? Who will do the extraction? How much will you extract? Will this be an official relationship? Will you allow feelings into it? If involved with someone else, how will they feel? What will be allowed?

These are but a few of the exceptionally important questions. Once all of this has been discussed and discussed and discussed again, it’s very important to get both Donor and Vampyre tested. Especially if you are strangers embarking on a new and wonderful adventure together. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there is disease and illness, where people lie and where you have to protect yourself against any possibility. It’s also important to make sure that your Donor is in good health, strong and able to recuperate from a feeding.

Once a Donor and their Vampyre have been cleared of all disease and has been given the “thumbs up”, the moment of truth arrives. What happens next is entirely up to the two people involved. Sometimes the relationship remains completely platonic, sometimes you fall in love and sometimes you meet the best friend you’ll ever have, but what remains certain is that now bonds will be forged that very little can break.

Blood bonds… the most sacred promise you will ever make. Your life will never be the same. The Donor now courses through your veins, is present at every heart beat and every flicker of emotion. Speaking from my own previous experience, she who gave me blood has felt every heart sore, every pang of hurt and every downfall. Knowing what is going on before I can call and say I need to talk. Some call it scary, I call it beautiful – beautiful that two people from so far away can share more than what most do with people they live with.

Not every relationship will be sunshine and roses, some will need to end because of life commitments, some will end because the Vampyre and Donor no longer wish to be associated with one another. There will be Donors/Vampyres that you remember with angst, anger, hurt or hate, we are after all humans and humans suck – but this along with all the good things comes as part of life, part of living, growing and dying.


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