Happy Heritage Day! – A Message From The SAVA

Today is Heritage Day in South Africa, and for many of us it is a public holiday, a time to relax, and to enjoy with friends and family. Some call it “braai day”, but considering the wet weather we are having in some places today, that seems somewhat unlikely. However, everywhere there are people celebrating their heritage openly, and even publicly, whether in large groups, or small. Whether they are celebrating their ethnicity, their religious affiliations, their language, their sexual orientations or even their gender – or permutations of the above, most people will be celebrating their personal identities. But what about participants in the Vampyre subculture?

For participants in the Vampyre  culture, and especially for Vampyres, we seem to fall in a category of cultures that tend to be celebrated privately, personally and in a secretive, solitary fashion. As most of us realize, this is not because we “have something to hide”, or because we visit harm upon others, or conduct some or other activity which could be construed as “dangerous” or even “threatening”. No. It’s because we have something to fear from being exposed as individuals who identify as being different to the mainstream of the society we live in. It’s because historically, Humans have isolated, persecuted and attempted to destroy any individuals who manifest differences from the mainstream. It’s because, no matter what we are in the eyes of the un-Awakened, we also have a gods-given and natural right to exist on this Earth along with every other creature that flies, swims, crawls – or walks upon it.

There may be among us, those who feel guilty for feeling content with being vampyric people, but nature doesn’t lie – nature doesn’t abide by processes which create things that have no purpose. There may be some who tell us we have no place in this world, there may be those who try to remove us from it – and there may be those who work to remove from us the dignity, pride and self-awareness that makes us what we are, for their own selfish and short-sighted ends – but we must always remember, that we are because we know we are.  We too have a purpose in this world, because every world must have balance.  And so, let’s have a joyful celebration of ourselves this Heritage Day. Know who you are, even if nobody else does. Be glad of who and what you are, even if those around you are not. The one that truly matters in this equation after all, is YOU.

Happy Heritage Day!


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