Sign Up Now – And That’s An Order! – by Val

Participants in the South African VC may soon be wondering what the new groups are that are being talked about by SAVA members.  Are they secretive groups, up to dodginess and mystery? Are they involved in *insert scary music here* ‘the occult’? Does “B.Y.O.B” on the group event invitations stand for “Bring Your Own Body”? Oh goodness, no! Anyway, this article will explain EXACTLY what these new groups are about, without any kind of subterfuge or attempt to mislead, for your information and for your peace of mind.

Over the past month, the Shadow Senate met and discussed various ways to increase social participation in our community – and one of the ways to create a greater sense of group participation, was – well, to create some new social groups INSIDE the SAVA itself – groups centered around certain interests. The solution we came up with was seven groups, all called Orders, but centered around subjects like art & creativity, charity, counseling & support and problem solving.

Let’s look at the SAVA proposal document released to the SAVA members earlier today for a moment:

“Let us define what an “Order” should mean to us within the SAVA:

  • An Order will mean an association dedicated to the study or practice of a particular subject, such as charity, marketing, mentoring, articles pertaining to the VC, and which will form a part of the SAVA’s societal structure, but not a part of its hierarchy. This means that one need not be a part of any “elite” group within the SAVA to belong to it, save for being a member of the SAVA itself.”

The document goes further to say:

“Each of the seven new Orders will have a single Head who is responsible for organizing and facilitating it, who in the SAVA context will be referred to as “Maester”, regardless of their gender. The Maester of each Order will be appointed by the Regency and/or Shadow Senate on an annual basis and may serve in that capacity for any number of times so long as the proper selection procedure is followed and there are no valid reasons or justification for intervention.

Any serving SAVA member, including presently serving Senators, Praetors or the Regent may be selected as Maester of an Order to which they belong. The serving Maester of one Order may not hold the position of Maester on any other Order concurrently, but may belong to other Orders as a member.

Any serving member of the SAVA may belong to an Order in the SAVA, provided they meet the set purpose and membership goals and objectives of the Order to which they wish to belong. Since these will all differ, there will be some Orders to which any member may apply to join, while others will be aimed at members who have participated in other SAVA bodies previously, or who have contributed to the SAVA in certain defined ways. As such, a single member of the SAVA may belong to as many Orders as they wish to, qualify for and have the time to invest in.”

If you can read between the lines, this means basically, that while SAVA will essentially remain the same and function in the same way, there are now some new internal “clubs” similar to special interest groups at a university that any member (and in some cases, even non-members) can join.

There are seven Orders, described briefly below:


The Order of Listeners proposes or discusses solutions to problems affecting the local and international Vampyric Community. It is a social debate forum exploring the politics and interaction of the VC, regarding the general VC both socially as well as politically. This Order is for SAVA members only.


The Order of Crimson Ink is a discussion forum for VC artists, poets, musicians, actors, writers of fiction and non-fiction, and anyone who has a passion to create.  This Order is open to all SAVA members as well as non-SAVA members *ONLY* from our various groups.

The Order of the Dark Haven brings together participants of the VC that are in need of a support system for those who are in or are coming out of the “coffin” and all that entails. The Order is open to all SAVA members as well as non-SAVA members from our various groups ONLY.

The Order of Nyx consists of Psi Vampyres who are able to share their knowledge and experience within the Order. This Order is open to SAVA members ONLY.

The Order of Lilith consists of Sanguine Vampyres who are able to share their knowledge and experience within the Order. This Order is open to SAVA members ONLY.

The Order of The Dark Matron focuses on charitable events and ways of contributing to the local community. This may vary from having a stall at a local Pagan or Alternative market to sell t-shirts and beanies, to collecting and donating old clothes to local children’s homes etc. This Order is open to SAVA members ONLY.

This is a group consisting of SAVA members with skills and qualifications in various professions such as medicine, science, education, psychology, biology, academia, accounting, technology and other industrial fields and to encourage them to find ways to put their skills to use in order to benefit the VC.

Thanks to Dagan Nightalon, Senator in the SAVA’s Shadow Senate, for his initiative in proposing this project. Like all our projects, none of them will work without YOUR support. That’s right, YOU, wearing that SAVA t-shirt, or that ankh around your neck.

Since all participants will be drawn from already standing membership, the same common-sense group rules will continue to apply in accepting members to these groups – no under 18’s, no stalkers, no psycho’s, no trolls – and definitely nobody older than 450 years please.

So okay, to sum up – seven brand-new, wonderful, shiny (NOT Edward Cullen shiny) social groups in the SAVA for you peeps to enjoy – but no religion, no cults, no sacrifices. You dig?

Oh, hello Officer…


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