Vampyre Erotica Write-Off Steals The Show – by Lunah Valur Eir

Blog BattleVampyric Erotica! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Well, I certainly hadn’t until I logged into my Facebook account, expecting to see the usual banter, pics and posts,  and saw that not only was there vampyric erotica being written by our VC members, but they were having a write-off as well!

Now I don’t know about you, but this certainly invite a bit of curiosity on my part and I had to check it out.

Samael Anathan, who has been a member of the South African Vampyre Community for almost as long as it has been functioning, a former member of the SAVA and Shadow Senate AND who also runs the Vampyre Bytes site, displayed his creative writing skills against Nadine My-Addiction, who is part of the Shadow Senate and a budding writer as well, with her own blog and line of followers. 

Both writers displayed vivid imagination and incredible descriptive skills, making you feel like you might have actually been part of the story, taking the reader on the whirlwind experience of the dark and sexy nature that has been part of Vampyre lore for as long as lore has existed, making your heart stop and breath pause at some of the scenes, but leaving you in the afterglow of just having read something really worthwhile. 

The competition was advertised in the Friends of the South African Vampyre group with links provided and a saucy image to pique the interest. On Nadine’s blog site, both stories were equally advertised and a voting poll set up. In the end though, when the votes had been cast and tallied, Dagan Nightalon made the announcement that Nadine’s short story had won. 

Members of the group loved the write-off and there was even discussion that this might become a more regular occurrence. This idea definitely does stand out as a fantastic one, with more member participation on the horizon, member interaction up another notch and creativity spilling from all corners of our country. 

If you haven’t read the short stories by Samael and Nadine, I suggest you do so without further delay…. It might just inspire you too! 

Samael Anathan’s  The Need: 

Nadine My-Addiction’s Selfish Gift: 

To both writers, a special thank you and a massive congratulations and round of applause for you both.  May your futures burn bright with the wonderful words you put to paper, and we look forward to seeing more and more from you both!


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