Shadow Senate Receives Portfolios

Hi Res NarrowIt has been announced to SAVA members that as of this past Thursday, all members of the Shadow Senate will hold portfolios which allocate to them clearly defined responsibilities connected to the running of the SAVA. This move is seen as a step forward in the development of our organization and its leadership skills, as well as for the growth of the community in this region.

Coupled to these responsibilities will be the compilation and submission of monthly reports to the Senate on these portfolios, as well as to notify other members timeously of events or information which overlap or affect their portfolio of responsibilities.

According to the brief, each Senator may be entrusted with more than one portfolio by the Regency, but the ideal is to have the workload distributed evenly, and with one portfolio per Senator.

Senators have embraced this new system enthusiastically.

Examples of the sort of portfolios each Senator will manage include items such as administration of online forums, social matters, and cultural development.

Each month a special session of the Senate will be held independently from the usual monthly Senate meeting in order to present, review and discuss these reports. These meetings will follow this 4-part model:

1) Senators submit their reports to the Regency, and these are combined into one report posted in the Senate.
2) Report is read by all Senate members.
3) Debate.
4) Decision making process.

Naturally, since these portfolios place an increased burden of work on these members, this system creates openings for other members of the SAVA to offer their assistance to the particular Senator and their “department” if you will, to which they feel their personal skills are best suited.


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