Psychic Vampires in Pagan Circles – by Stella Blackflame

dancing pixieI am a Witch, it has been part of my life since I was a child. I started going to Sabbats at 18 and joined the local Wiccan coven not long afterwards. They called themselves Wica and I studied Old Gods and magic. It was a lovely time of self-discovery. I went to University and got a Comparative Religion Bachelor’s Degree and danced with my Brother’s and Sister’s in the cold moonlight.

Where I come from witchcraft is not a thing to be worried about in this modern age. It is known as ‘mostly harmless’ or a ‘hippy’ thing. Parents just roll their eyes and talk about going through a phase and how children grow out of these things. It wasn’t considered a bad thing where I grew up, so forgive my surprise when I find that there are people that see witchcraft as a negative and harmful. To still have ‘witch burnings’ and imprisonment and actual murders for the crime of being a witch was a shock. Even the word ‘witch’ has to be softened to ‘pagan’ to prevent the mix up of Satanists and Witches. Is the world still that ignorant? I do not like to believe so. I have still much study to do here.

I feed off energy. I see it as a diluted form of fruit and vegetable food… I can cause trouble if I haven’t fed for a while. An illness that could not be diagnosed showed me the path to answers that were very uncomfortable. I can feed off peoples emotions. I am a vegan and eat food that is filled with energy, dead processed food doesn’t interest me and fresh fruit and vegetables are my staple diet. I could not bear to drink blood, so how could I be a vampire?

It only occurred to me that this freaky label applies to me when I went searching through Facebook. Information started to pour in about people who feed off nature and most especially thunderstorms. I was always that girl out dancing under the thunderstorms, barefoot in the mud, shrieking with laughter as the lightening missed me every time, it made me feel alive after I had been sick for so long. There are those that feed from sexual energy, I think I can admit that I am guilty as charged here. But to my defence, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I was just hungry and not for the food on peoples plates.

There are those that feed off negativity and I have met this types of people. I can feed off both types of energy but have met others that try and ‘provoke’ a negative reaction to feed off. These are the ones that we are all warned about. “Beware a psychic vampire”, “How to shield against a psychic vampire”, “Dealing with the psychic vampires in your life” – this is a selection of recent publications and YouTube releases. I am not an ‘evil’ person, the psychic vampire you may be defending yourself against may be simply unaware of what they are doing. Why not teach them how not to feed off you rather than slap them away to find another ‘victim’ who is not as ‘educated’ as you are?

Why is there no one teaching us all how to understand the energies that ebb and flow from each other? Even in the Wiccan Circles this was not understood properly. We were taught to give energy to the sick. Reiki and crystal healing encouraged, but no real understanding of how different all our energies actually are. As I was initiated into the higher levels I found that though light and darkness are balanced and neither frowned upon, vampirism of any type is not seen as a ‘safe’ path to explore.

It was to me like a sign that said ‘This far and no further’. Just keep silent about the fact that you can see others, most especially the leaders of these covens, are feeding off the energies of the magic raised. Shhh, this is normal, don’t worry about it. I am getting increasingly upset that they can do this and not teach or allow others to do the same. How many group leaders in witchcraft and pagan circles are psychic vampires? This is a question that is not winning me any friends among pagans.

It has been argued to me quite recently that as I was feeding off the ‘high’ that comes from Wicca rituals, that I am guilty of what I am accusing others of. Maybe this is true? I was asleep to what I was doing then, now I understand and am more awake. I see with a clearer vision now and I do not feed off others unless invited. But there are many in the Covens that I danced in, that are still asleep.

I am on another journey of self-discovery, this one not so glorious. To admit to feeding off energy to anyone brings up a barrier of fear and anger. “Don’t you do that to me!” is the reaction. If being a witch is harmless fun, being a psychic vampire is not so great.

Born, Created or Made? Even Vampires cannot agree. To ask a question that no one else knows the answer to, is irritating but I have a feeling that vampires are the trail blazers here. New knowledge is surfacing in the topics of psionics and others. I do not feel that the old traditional Houses in the USA have much to offer an international community, they work well when all are local. As long as they can leave the internal bickering behind. But there are a few which recognize the problem of bringing a group of energy feeders together in the same space – online or offline, it still needs a leader that is not corrupted. Agreement isn’t going to happen any time soon, so don’t worry, the vampires of the world are not going to unite and conquer the world. We are more likely going to be found in the pagan circles dancing under a full moon and haunting goth clubs in the big cities.

I have studied what little information is about and have found the South African Vampire News to be an excellent source of clarity in this very misunderstood field. But there is no real education going on anywhere. I am watching people come together because they need a community to share what they have in common.

In South Africa, like England, there are the ‘power hungry’ sleeping psychic vampires tearing things apart. Usually they are the leaders. There are so many that share the same traits as I do and I watch them feed of the adoration of others, literally. I do not know what to do to ‘wake them up’ for I can see that most mean well but feel the hunger and need to feed. When that need to feed hits a sleeping psychic vampire it comes out like form of hissy fit or a child that has had its toys taken away. Pure rage of ‘How dare you deny my will’. Curses and strong language fly thick and fast. I am watching people that I have admired for years lash out at one another, with bitterness and deep anger. How can they smile and talk of their love of nature and the Gods and then turn around and show such rage?

The power-hungry people that are in our covens are adept at concealing themselves.

It takes a psychic vampire to know another.


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One response to “Psychic Vampires in Pagan Circles – by Stella Blackflame

  • Elizabeth Kleine

    I am worried that I might feed of people’s energy without meaning to. (sometimes technology too). I’m not sure though. A lot of what I have read sounds…really close to home. A lot of days (some worse than others) I feel like I don’t have enough energy to do anything, but I get up and go to the girls’ restroom/ shower facility (I live in a dorm). There are usually others there, and afterwards I feel like I have a little more energy. If I have one of these days, then I feel better around people. I want to know if I do this because I worry about unintentionally feeding on my husband or friends (sometimes when I hang out with them the day starts with me feeling crappy and them being all awake and energetic, then by the end of the day I feel great and awake and want to go out and do stuff and they want to go to bed as soon as possible). Is there a way to figure out if I do in fact do this?

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