Solidarity – by Kay Valkir Noctem

These last couple of weeks in the Vampyre community have been difficult for some of our members, who have experienced everything from unemployment and personal health problems to death of friends and relatives and the loss of beloved pets. I would say it has been a particularly hard few weeks for a large percentage of our SAVA members.

That said, our local community members have also shown each other a lot of generosity and support, as we try to help each other through our respective difficulties.

Hardships have brought us all closer together forming the bonds needed for our community to remain strong in the face of all kinds of adversity.

SAVA in this respect is more than just a bunch of vampyres discussing their nature online, it is a community in real life, a family joined by nature and connected by blood and energy, forming a real life support system that transcends the internet.

More than just a few members support external charities, but it hits closer to home when we support others in the community. Those struggling from time to time to make ends meet have received assistance from their peers, often resulting in the formation of lasting friendships. This is one of the things that makes SAVA – and the SA VC, strong. Friendship and support is the cement that binds the bricks we build the community with.

Just last week, my personal addiction demon reared its ugly head again, but with the support of friends who are also members of the SAVA, I managed to beat it down again. I’m sure there are quite a few members who can say the same, who have benefited from the safe haven that is SAVA.

We will be putting our thinking caps on to see what we can do to help those in our community more that need it in the best way possible. As a family we have to do what we can to help our own, and from what I have seen SAVA is doing that and more!


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