New Groups: Coven d’Eir – by Lunah Valur Eir

Sigil Coven d'EirNew groups are a rarity in our community, and so it is with great pleasure that SA Vampyre News announces the launch of a new VC group: Coven d’Eir only recently formed and formalized in November 2013 in the city of Durban in South Africa’s Turais Halo, with Lunah Valur Eir at the helm, and a total of 5 members already active in the local VC. 

After gentle nudging and a push in the right direction by her mentor Octarine Valur, Coven d’Eir was founded by Lunah Valur Eir in early November 2013. Along with her dear friends and fellow coven members, the coven and its foundation was built from the ground up.

“Coven d’Eir identifies as a real Vampyre coven and although secular, practices many of the craft beliefs familiar to Wiccans. We are however open and accepting of all religions as well as Otherkin and Shinai.

“Eir” in Norse mythology is a goddess and/or valkyrie associated with medical skill.

Our slogan is “Nocturnae Sumus, Lux Conquisitor” which is Latin, meaning “Nocturnal are we, Seekers of the Light”. 

Sigil Coven d'Eir

Our sigil is a combination of Coven d’Eirs’ original three members’ signs. A waning moon for Lunah, the Pentagram for Lena and a personal sigil for Dagan. All the artwork was done by hand by our very own Vadim, keeping the sigil original and close to the heart.

Meet our members:

Lunah Valur Eir:
“Hellooooooo! I’m Lunah, nicknamed Looney by my peers. I am a 26 year old Sanguine Vampyre, also able to feed elementally. I am a member of the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) as well as Secretary to the Regent of the SAVA and The SAVA’s Shadow Senate.

With this coven, I am hoping to embrace diversity and show the world something they’ve never seen before. We have big plans and I look to the future with good intentions and a warm heart.”

Lunah Valur Eir began her year long apprenticeship to Octarine Valur at a special meeting on August 16, 2013 held at House Valur in Mintaka. Her Pactum Sunt Servanda ceremony coincided with the Primoris Annus Lamia ceremony of Val’s previous apprentice, Orfeo Annimusredomo – who had somehow managed to prolong his year long apprenticeship since 2010! Val is very proud of both her fledglings, and fondly refers to them as her “baby bats”!

Dagan Nightalon:
“I am a Witch, Therian and Psi. I am studying through Witchschool to gain Clergyship. I have been a member of a well renowned Durban Coven for three years now, currently on the verge of completing my 1st degree studies. I am Innercourt and am the longest non founding member.

I feel a strong connection to my brother and sisters in Coven d’Eir and look forward to being involved in the covens progress and spiritual development.”

Tamaryn Nightalon:
“I am Tam Nightalon. I have been with Dagan for 13 years, I’m his better half. I’m new to all of this and I’m very interested in learning more and sharing my experiences with Coven d’Eir.”

“Hi my name is Vadim. I have been studying up on witch craft and the occult in an unofficial capacity for as long as I can remember. Until now, I have not been affiliated to any coven. I would best describe my area of focus as Elemental Sorcery. I am not a Vampyre but have great love and respect for the Vampyre Community. More socially, I am an artist and cover most genres but specialising in sculpting.

It’s good to be here!

Serephim Lena Karayan:
“Hello, I am Serephim Lena Karayan, I go by Lena.  I am a Tantric – Sang. My spiritual path his that of a Pagan, I am a Grey Witch, I dabble in both Dark and Light, I am balance my practice, never bringing harm to another. In general I am fun and slightly crazy but it makes life such a better place to be!”

In her own words Lunah says proudly of her new group: “Coven d’Eir aims to create a circle of friends from all walks of life and every kind of story, that will work as one to achieve a common goal, where love and respect for each other goes beyond titles and ranks and where we are free to express ourselves as what we really are.”

Coven d’Eir, although still unofficial at the time, already hosted its first successful event in Durban this past Halloween. With so much drive and enthusiasm, we can expect great things from this group! Welcome to the party!


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3 responses to “New Groups: Coven d’Eir – by Lunah Valur Eir

  • Jean-Paul Swart

    Hi I’m interested in vampires and the craft. I believe that vampires and the supernatural stuff exist. I tried spells to become one, but didn’t work and i found out that from my fathers side that his ancesters was vampires but he grows old but me, my sisters and my mother look the same few years ago and I really want to be part of your covenant. I stay in Richards bay and if you ever want to get hold of me here is my number(0740423817) i don’t want to be human anymore it sucks and people here hurts me and always take advandge of me. Please help me.

  • Lunah Valur Eir

    Dearest Jean-Paul,

    I am so sincerely sorry that you find yourself in circumstances that make you so unhappy that you wish to change yourself completely.
    However, Vampyrism isnt a cure for unhappiness, nor is it something that can just be given to someone or conjured by a spell.
    It is a part of you from the moment you take your first breath on this plane, something you awaken to when you are ready. We do not choose this life.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us, and for leaving a message, but if i may give you advice, it would be to look inside of yourself before looking elsewhere. Remove those that make you unhappy from your life, change the situations that leave you in despair. YOU are the only one that can, and you dont need to be a Vampyre to do it.

    Kindest Regards
    Lunah Valur Eir

    P.S: Good luck

  • Dbnvampire

    Greetings! May the Gods grant you many blessings and may your group prosper and grow. I am a white male in his 30’s and always wondered why I was different. Able to smell, follow people by scent, see better in the dark, have a good sense of hearing. People also notice my eyes reflect white light at night. How do I fit in?

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