Vampyre/Donor Appreciation Day 2013

Punkin fangsSince 2010 the international VC began observing two annual special days, one for Donors, and one for Vampyres. These Donor and Vampire Appreciation Days were meant to be celebrated by VC’s around the world. South Africa’s VC seems to have been a little slow in embracing this opportunity for a good party and to make a cultural statement by demonstrating our appreciation of each other.

Recently the SAVA Shadow Senate got together recently to discuss the relevance of these days to our community and came up with a way to generate more interest in them in our part of the VC. Since most of us appreciate Halloween for it’s opportunity to dress up and party, we will make Halloween in SA a celebration… a time of fun, parties, gifts, and appreciation of all things Donor and Vampyre.

With distance between us in South Africa, the biggest issue for our community is travel and expenses associated with traveling to meet-ups and events. Thus, it was decided to combine all three of these celebrations into one for the sake of convenience.

Having both these events separately and on the same days as everyone else is a bit pointless if nobody celebrates it. Several participants have come forward to say “I celebrate it with my donor/vamp each year, whether it is the same donor/vamp or not.” We here in the South have a tendency to do things our own way, and so we don’t have to have separate Donor Appreciation and Vampyre Appreciation days, we could make it the same day that Halloween is celebrated in SA (usually commercially at the end of October all over the world, although the actual Halloween in the southern hemisphere is April 30/May 1).

The benefit of having both Donor and Vampyre appreciation days on one day is that this can all be combined with the commercial celebration that is modern Halloween, where each group (Donor and Vampyre) gets the opportunity to appreciate each other among friends together with the fun and games of dressing up and having a good time.

There are still 2 weeks until Halloween 2013 and already there are 3 VC events arranged for Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth. What are YOU doing for VDA 2013?


One response to “Vampyre/Donor Appreciation Day 2013

  • Jezebel Strigoi

    Indeed WE are CELEBRATING!!!!! So looking forward to our celebrations and should there be anyone in JHB or PTA who wish to join us on 2nd Nov at our gathering please contact us!!!! We would love to welcome you!

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