A Short Introduction Of Self – by Nox Kassapu

Nox Kassapu – the name I have chosen for myself, means Night Sorcerer. I should be familiar to most of my South African kin, but I think it best to introduce myself formally to all those who don’t know me too well yet.

I am a self-identified Vampyre, and a proud member of SAVA. Even when I was a child I knew I was ‘different’ and even told my mum that I’m a Vampyre, which wasn’t exactly met with enthusiasm, lol. I loved the dark and, would spent hours just sitting in the night, in my room or outside, just listening. It was hard, going to an orthodox Jewish school, being brought up very strict. I learned to block what I
felt, and ‘move on.’

I never really felt at home spiritually, and later when my mum decided to levitate towards Wicca, I was allowed to also try find my spiritual self. I learned about ancient Babylonian spirituality, which drew me very much, Chinese religion, Norse religion, and the spirituality of many other groups, including the San, Khoekhoe, native Americans, etc. It was a long and interesting search, but I never felt I belonged until I began to be involved in the local Vampyre community.

I have been studying the occult for most of my life, and have been trained in various forms of divination, the tarot cards being my primary tool. I am able to use the pendulum as well as the African
form of bone throwing. I specialize in making oils and incenses for various uses. I have a vast knowledge of plants and trees, and I am able to utilize them and their spirits as and when the occasion demands. I am well versed in poisons, and how to use them in many lethal and non lethal ways.

I am an introvert, who prefers the company of spirits to human beings. I find comfort in the silence, and the wisdom their presence brings me. All this said, I self identify as a practitioner of the Dark arts, a black witch.

I have found my home, and my path, and am very willing to share some of my experience and knowledge with those who would be interested in hearing more. My opinions are my own alone, and I don’t wish to have others believe that my way is in any way better than another’s. What I would like is for us to share with and respect each other, and I’m hopeful that this may be the first of at least a few articles from me.


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