I Dated A Vampire (And Would Again!) – by Laloe

Sticker.Vampire LoveMy name is Laloe. I am a thirty year old woman. I was raised in a Christian home where I was taught that we may not mix with people who are witches, fortune tellers, Satanists, and well, any kind of person that didn’t believe what we believed – and we believe in the trinitarian God – God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. My mother is my world, and everything she said was law, and she is strongly opposed to people who don’t believe in our God. So I did everything she said I should do. Until one day, I met a Vampyre.

At first I thought “no way! It can’t be real!”. I mean, I watched shows like Twilight, Vampire Diaries and Dracula, but to meet a real Vampyre? And the Vampyre didn’t hurt people? That was a big “WOW” to me. I was very skeptical about the whole story and I thought it couldn’t be true, that maybe it was just someone who liked to live like a screen vampire, but the more I got to know this person, the more I realized that this was for real.

To put the cherry on top, I fell in love with this Vampyre. I fought it very hard and even told myself I had a screw loose, because it was against my Christian principles, and asked myself what my mother would say about this whole story – and of course, what would the Lord say about it? Well, eventually I opened up to the Vampyre and we had some happy times together. I realized that this person was someone I could rely on, and who opened my eyes to the things in the world, and showed me that people should accept people as they are, whatever their religion, and not try to change them.

There were times when I got really upset, because for example, I wanted to go for a walk along the beach, and it was on a very hot sunny day, but my Vampyre friend walked beside me in a long sleeve top, sunglasses and a cap, and everyone probably thought this person came from Mars or something, but I still didn’t understand the whole thing about Vampyres.

As the relationship progressed, the Vampyre shared more and more things with me, among these, that this person was a Sang Vampyre. This is when I thought I was really in trouble, because this means that they drink blood! I panicked and wanted to get away, because I thought perhaps the movies like Vampire Diaries show people being killed for their blood! Strange things went through my mind, and I thought this person would come to me in my sleep to bite my neck, and every morning I would get up and go check my neck in the mirror! People can be pretty dumb if they don’t know the whole story!

At that point I became a donor for this Vampyre, because I could see what happened when this person didn’t get blood, becoming weak and pale, and what the hell, I couldn’t allow my love to suffer if I had something that this person needed, I would give it. So every week I donate for this person and it feels good. The only drawback of the donation is that a strong bond forms between the donor and the Vampyre, and there is nothing we can do about this. Let me explain quickly: Even if we don’t speak, and aren’t in the same place, this person can sense what I feel and this freaked the hell out of me – really! Over time I accepted it.

Wait, let me also tell you how it is to date a Vampyre!

As you can expect, I was a bit scared of this person. I didn’t want to be alone with this person in a room, because I thought the Vampyre fangs were going to grow and they would bite me for blood! So when we were dating and I was invited to sleep over, I always said no because you never know what a Vampyre would get up to at night! I mean, that’s when Vampyres “live”! Yes, that’s how silly I was! Vampyres are actually just like anybody else. If this person hadn’t told me they were a Vampyre, I would never have known. They look like us, speak like us, eat like us, drink like us – man, the only difference is that they need blood like the Sangs, or energy like the Psychics. This was really something to get used to, dating a Vampyre.

The Vampyre I dated was quite high in the Vampyre community, so I struggled to accept everything. If they told me they had to attend a House meeting (this is where Vampyres gather for a meeting), I wanted to have a cow! “Seriously? You must have a meeting for this? You must be kidding me!” But that’s because I didn’t understand. These meeting are important to Vampyres, because that’s when they discuss things that affect their community life. If I look back at it all now, then I laugh at myself because I was so mistaken about the whole story. I’m not at all sorry I dated a Vampyre, and if anyone asked me if I would date another Vampyre, my pure white toothpaste smile would say “FOR SURE I WILL!”

I’m going to close with the words NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER because you can maybe just judge that book wrong and MISS OUT ON A REALLY GOOD BOOK!!!!!

[Editor’s note: This article translated from the original SAVN Afrikaans article posted on 20130911]


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