Craving The Limelight: Julia Caples (Lady DarkRose) – by Octarine Valur

How one Vampyre’s relentless pursuit for media attention sabotages a decades-long attempt by a persecuted alternative subculture to be taken seriously by the general public on an international level. 

Media Vampyres – for the last few decades there have been a few. Back in the 60’s there was Elvira, although she was (and still is) a sex-kitten (or is that a sex-bat?) with a vampire image. It’s not known if Elvira ever claimed to be a real self-identified Vampyre, but there have been various individuals who became famous over the years as “Vampyre celebrities” and even as spokes-vamps for the VC.


Of these there are a few who for a while at least became household names. Don Henrie did a tour on reality TV in “Mad Mad House”, appeared in Tyra Banks Halloween Special (along with Vampira from Las Vegas) and in some interviews on Jerry-Springer-esque TV shows for a span. On one occasion, he and his Goth assistants performed a dramatic for the time sanguine feeding on TV.

Michelle Belanger, psychic Vampyre and founder of the Path of the Kherete, head of House Kheperu, author and TV personality from paranormal investigation TV shows, also made regular appearances in documentaries and even as a consultant for TV news during the Shelby Ellis case in 2010.

On several occasions, Belfazaar Ashantison has conducted controlled feeding technique demonstrations live on camera for several documentaries – though nothing dramatic, but informative, plain, simple and to the point. Generally speaking, Michelle, Don and Zaar have done a pretty good job of “de-crazifying” real vampyrism for the general public from a face-to-face point of view. Although there may be some criticism from within the community for their methods, there is little argument about their motives.

Don Henrie did give some educational demonstrations and explanations, but while there has been much contention about his apparent media persona, being called “the Vampire Don” or even “Emperor Don”, and claims that he was onto a good thing as a “poster-boy” for the VC, raking in interviews and media attention, he can’t be accused of dragging kids into it, or of perpetually contradicting himself in successive interviews.

Occasionally however, there are vampyres of questionable and disingenuous motives who come along and do the opposite and generally just shout “I’m a Vampyre! I drink blood! And look – I can pose for a camera too!” to get the media spotlight shifted onto them.

On June 10 2013, Vampyres awoke to find articles about a blood-drinking Vampyre from America splashed garishly all over the internet, and even in some of their own local newspapers. More to the point, every article in the run used the word “mom” or “mother” in the headline, because Lady DarkRose is a mother of multiple offspring – and that was clearly the over-riding tidbit of information that sparked off the ensuing furor.

In the USA, Lady DarkRose (aka Julia Caples) of the VC conducted an interview which resulted in an explosion of newspaper and tabloid articles over the next week, including explicit images and a video of her feeding sanguinely as well as a frank discussion about her 30 years of feeding on human blood. Present in some of the images – and in the video preview of an anticipated documentary – is her ten year old son Alexi.

Julia Caples/LDR is 45 and has 3 children, one 24 years old daughter who calls her a “leech” and a “parasite” on camera, and a ten year old son who thinks she is the coolest mother ever. In the VC, the interview and articles circulate like wildfire, but few appear to appreciate the bad PR she has created for sanguine Vampyres, and Vampyres who have underage children. Numerous hostile comments on the articles represent a risk that exposed Vampyres might lose custody of their children on the accusations of shinai that they are “unfit parents exposing their children to a harmful lifestyle”.

What this farce is about is SENSATION, not normality. Vampyres come from all walks of life and we are not all Elvira wannabe’s or lookalikes. So the press looks for those who fit the image they have in their minds. Tabloid journalists want vampyrism they can SEE. When they do psi feedings on camera there’s nothing visibly taking place. They want to see the blood flowing and people displaying the base behavior they like to label us by. In this case, that’s what they got.


Setting the Scene (present articles)

A lot of Vampyres are angry and disturbed by this interview, particularly about the images and the video accompanying it on its journey around the world via the internet.

Here are a few examples of the interview appearing in news articles:

The YouTube video preview of the anticipated documentary:

For comparison, view the Vampires New Orleans documentary Episode 3: Zaar Feeds … quite a difference I would say.

Many Vampyres are concerned about the inclusion of her children in the interview, and also especially about the damaging effects this material can have in relation to the perception of Vampyres and their children. With some in the community having lost custody of their underage children due to actions brought against them by relatives or even partners in divorce cases, this is a realistic possibility. Caples should know – this happened to her once before.

The articles and video have been the topic of heated debate around the Vampyre community, and the subject of harsh criticism. To some, Lady DarkRose is a heroine for challenging stereotypes and advancing the acceptance of our kind, even facing death threats from conservatives for daring to be open and honest about who she is. To others, she seems to be promoting a one-sided fame-seeking image of Vampyres eerily reminiscent of lifestyling, together with a lazes-faire attitude towards parenting.

According to her associate, Nicola Anne Jones (aka Anat):

“Keep in mind the video is a 4 minute “preview” of a much larger documentary that was done. She has not seen it yet.”

That is a sobering thought… since it is probably going to be more of the same.

I have to ask “what was she thinking?” Even as a Vampyre, she makes a pretty messy display of it. Blood dripping and smeared all over her face?


Pictures of coffins, skulls and her dysfunctional family life with her ex-husband and two kids being part of the interview and video? Seriously? Have people forgotten how easily the state (whatever state you live in) can step in and take your kids away? At the very least an over zealous child welfare worker can make your life a living hell and the burden will be on you to hire an attorney to plead the case you are a fit parent.

If we’re going to do public interviews and demonstrations then we need to separate the Hollywood/lifestyler image aspect from the reality of what we do to feed.

Not playing favorites here, but when Belfazaar Ashantison does a demonstration it’s clean, to the point – and not in your face lifestyling geared towards stirring up sensation or to attract yet more limelight for selfish reasons.

Zaar’s video interviews reflect a guy who pokes a tiny hole in someone and you don’t see blood spilling or dripping everywhere, and he doesn’t pose for the cameras with blood smeared all over his face like a Hollywood ghoul – and he doesn’t “ooh and ah” like he’s getting a thrill out of it or talk about how good it makes him feel to the point where he journalists and the readers are free to connect this with some kind of sexual experience and possibly a fetish. I know what it feels like to feed this way, but it’s not a good idea to convey this emotively on camera – that’s what she apparently doesn’t realize. When you compare Zaar’s demonstrations – specifically the one from last year’s New Orleans series (Ep 3) to THIS, no wonder people are up in arms about it. This panders to tabloid journalism at its very worst. It gives all our detractors and opponents exactly what they want.

This interview has appeared on quite a few sites in the few days since its release, and it’s likely to get worse – it’s bound to go viral, actually – with all the negative connotations of that word. Education is one thing, but this isn’t Vampyre education (except perhaps for what NOT to do in front of a journalist with a loaded camera) – it’s Vampyre smut.

Unfortunately, the community will be picking up the tab for this internationally.

History in Attention-Seeking Media

Lady DarkRose was once a high profile “media Vampyre”. In the 1990’s, just as the VC was becoming what we recognize today, she was the toast of the tabloids and the darling of the dresser-drawer liners.

She appeared in at least one book about Vampyres, including this one:

Chapter 13 of “Something in the Blood” by Jeff Guinn (1996) is headed “Dark Rose” and starts off with:

“Vlad is an unofficial prince among blood-drinkers, and Dark Rose may eventually become their queen by acclamation.”

Lady DarkRose has since the beginning of her involvement in the VC been an established media attention-seeker. For a long while she went quiet, ostensibly to take her children away from the glare of her Vampyre media spotlight – but it seems that she has recently decided to reclaim her “media queen vampire” status, without any apparent regard for her young son who has been caught in the glare of the media spotlight.

In an interview with the Graveyard Press in 2011,  (written by her associate Anat aka Nicola Anne Jones when she was a staff writer on GYP) Julia describes her first rise to fame as a Vampyre celebrity, starting in the 1990’s:

“I was inundated with magazines, books, illustrations, original writings, and requests from vampire researchers and so on, to share with them my insights and life story. I was approached by an author to be interviewed for a chapter in his book. After the book was published and even before (due to people like Marty Riccardo, a very well-known and respected vampire researcher and writer, singing my praises), the media couldn’t seem to get enough of the “normal” looking mother who is a vampire and a witch. I did daytime talk shows in the USA and in Europe. I was in the book ‘Something in the Blood’. I was interviewed in many vampire magazines. I was interviewed in local “what’s happening” magazines. I did TV shows about the mysterious and unknown things in our world. I spoke at various vampire gatherings. My intentions for doing so much media here and in Europe, started with noble intentions. I sincerely wanted to find the others like myself and help them. Which I did indeed accomplish. Along the way, I became self-important with all the attention I was receiving. I made poor choices, in part, because of my status as a vampire celebrity. Towards the end of my celebrity status, I had come back to myself and was only interested in finding and helping others like myself.”

She also lists some of the TV and radio shows she appeared in over the years on the topic of her vampyrism:

“I will do my best to tell you all the shows that I appeared in, not in chronological order. I am fuzzy about a lot of the media that I did. I moved a lot and lost quite a bit of my records and/or tapes, copies of print media and so on that I had of the different media that I did.

The RickiLake Show-1994?

(Author’s Note: This show was my first introduction to Living Vampires, I remember watching it in 1994 when it aired).

A German Documentary (I can’t remember the name of the production company) 1994

Black Pearls Documentary-1993 or 1994

Belfast Radio (in Ireland) 1995?

Here’s Johnny (Late night talk show in London) 1997?

Exploring the Unknown-2000

Penn & Teller: Bullshit-2004

The Bill Cunningham Show-2011

Tons of local radio shows in Florida and San Francisco, California.”

Back in 2011, Lady DarkRose made a public apology to the Vampyre Community based on the consequences of her media attention-seeking:

“Lady DarkRose’s (Julia Caples) apology to the vampire community for appearing on the Bill Cunningham show.

October 31, 2011 – Vampire Community News (VCN) – Facebook:

I am sending an extraordinarily huge apology to the Community, and more importantly to my friends that have grown to love, respect and believe in me, for doing The Bill Cunningham show about Vampires. I only watched the 44 second clip on the shows website, that was enough. I came off looking like a complete psycho and idiot. It is perhaps partially my fault, after all, I am the one supplying the answers to the less than thought provoking questions. However, as I feared, they did indeed seem to edit the show so that myself and the other panel guests came off looking “Dark” (in the evil sense of the word), Disturbed and Dangerous.” I did not know the name of the show until after I already signed a legally binding contract. However, with my vast experience with the media and in particular these kinds of shows, I should have known better than to fall for their bullshit. The truth is, no matter the horror that I have gone through at the hands of other “people and vampires”, I am still a very trusting person. It doesn’t matter that I have the instincts to know better, I still tend to believe that people want to do good in this world. When I believe that those same said people really want to educate and “enlighten” others, I almost always jump on board. To my credit, I did turn down the Dr. Drew Show about 2 weeks ago. Still, the damage to our community is already done. Please forgive my ignorance. I did preface the start of the interview with the statement that I do not speak for the entire vampire community, that I can only speak for myself. Sadly, it seems that they chose to edit that out along with any else relevant and positive that I said regarding my loved and cherished community.I do promise that this was not about ego. I surpassed that need over 10 years ago. Again, I apologize from the deepest depths of my Being. I sincerely ask for your forgiveness.

Comments:” – This post is publicly visible on the forum

What part of the above lessons did she retain into 2013? It’s fairly obvious that she still has not learned anything, unless a media circus is precisely what she enjoys – and from her track record in media over the past almost 20 years, it seems to be a foregone conclusion that controversy, attention and infamy are exactly what she craves.

Along the way, there are plenty of pictures and articles which include – in one way or another, her children, whom quite unfairly, she has dragged along for the ride in her quest for media notoriety.

Parenting Controversy

“In the 1990’s I was one of the most well known real living vampyre figures. The state of FL took my 2 children from me because of who/what I publicly let the world know I am. I PROVED in a court of law that I am a very good mother. My lifestyle/activities are not detrimental or abusive to the welfare of my children. I won against the state and not only did I get them back, I was given a letter of apology.”

According to her own posting of the supposed letter on FB:

“This is a little blurry, sorry. Will post a better one. For now, please feel free to pass it along to all those threatening to kidnap my Alexei and kill me! I am a fanfuckingtastic mother!

I convinced a Florida court of it…Florida!

Pass it along! This whole backlash is completely ignorant! Gather all your facts first! Do your research then form an opinion!


The image is blurry, does not show a complete readable document, or even a single complete sentence – and quite frankly, could be anything.


It’s important to realize that just because she had to fight with the State of Florida to regain custody of her child back in 1999 does not mean that present day other States and individuals do not have to undergo the same heartbreaking custody battles over their children. What she went through is not a precedent setting case for everyone else and Vampyres have lost their children in the United States AND other countries before and since her court appearance.

In the Graveyard Press interview from 2011 she states:

“So, in the midst of my “celebrity”, I became self-absorbed–and while I never abused my children or denied them my love, there were definitely times when I was neglectful. I definitely missed some of the precious moments of their childhoods. I vowed to myself and my newborn son that I would be a better mother this time around. So, I felt it necessary to remove myself from the OVC. Not the real life community. I was still who/what I am, and lived my life as such. I just stopped doing media, of any kind for the community. I stayed away from the OVC for about 6 years. “

According to Lady DarkRose on her journal page on 10 June on the DarkRose Journal:

“Jennifer Jingle Tingle Menard, my son does not ‘really’ know or understand. I have NEVER spoken to him about it. He only knows fantasy. He thinks it is all fun and “mysterious”. He certainly has NO idea about the blood drinking. He was, of course, in school when we filmed the blood drinking. I did NOT ok him being filmed. It was done behind my back.

Like · 3 · Monday at 9:14pm”

Yes – done behind her back while she was sitting on the sofa with little Alexei on camera. Her son was therefore filmed in her presence and with her consent.

Signed contract with Barcroft or no contract, no mother should physically allow her underage son to be filmed in such a context. I can’t find one instance in the past where a Vampyre has ever paraded their underage child on television.


This kid is of school-going age. I wonder what will be lying in wait for the poor little tyke when his classmates start teasing or bullying him, or even shunning him on account of his mom’s blood habit? Didn’t she learn anything from the last time she nearly lost custody? Isn’t her daughter (the one that called her a ‘leech’ and a “parasite’ on the video) providing enough clues to what she has been putting them through in her own selfish pursuit of fame and attention?

This is by no means her first circus act where she placed her children in this position – she did it with RickiLake and all the other talk shows (see the Graveyard Press interview).

The story goes that it was religious fanatics that tried to take away her kids in Florida because of her perpetual media coverage and uncompromising decision to be open about her “lifestyle” as a blood drinking Vampyre. It’s one conclusion that the assumption was made (as is generally considered typical of religious conservatives) that it’s not a “wholesome” environment to raise kids in, and it is also the first thing most Vampyres think of when they worry “Will this get used against me?” about an impending divorce. For some unlucky Vampyres, it happens. But perhaps it runs deeper than that?

In 1996, a three part serial by Michael Forsyth ran in “Weekly World News” magazine, about real blood drinking Vampyres. Lady DarkRose is featured in one article mentioned as a blood drinker, and in the next as a “psychic vampire” (now there’s a turnaround, considering her blog rant from 2013 about psychic Vampyres) – and especially interesting is the note where she receives honorable mention as an ex-stripper.

Again, in the book by Guinn, “Something in the Blood”, more of Ms Caple’s past comes to light during her interview with the author, where on page 179 she discusses her experiences as a teen prostitute.

“My mother said she knew what I was doing, and I couldn’t live in her house and do that. So I turned to Ricky. He lived at home, but he put me up in a house with a couple of his other girls. He was a pimp. So yeah, I was a prostitute.” “Dark Rose didn’t enjoy being a hooker. But her mother wouldn’t take her back, and she had no place else to go, so she stayed with Ricky.”

It just spirals out of control from there, where her dad tells her on the phone that a warrant of arrest has been issued against her for shoplifting, juvenile detainment for 6 months, being raped by trashy lovers and husbands etc, etc.

Lady DarkRose seems to be full of martyr-complex issues and sob stories – she seems to use this to prey on the sympathies of others.

All sad stories aside (and this is  a sad story indeed) I can see plenty of other reasons why some people might have thought she did not provide a very wholesome and safe place to raise her children in – besides dressing like an overly sexualized Vampyre pin-up girl and having people over for a little occasional consensual blood-drinking.

Is It All It Seems To Be?

Looking at Lady DarkRose’s history of statements, one finds the occasional gem, such as the following – Lady DarkRose in a recent rant on her blog page made the following statement:

“Vampires/Vampyres are blood drinkers. End of story. Not, “sangs,” but blood drinkers! Please, don’t sugar coat what it is. If you can’t handle the truth, then go run and hide with all the rest of the brainwashed vampire sheep. (Right there, that is an Oxy Moron. Being a Vampire and sheep – cannot happen). The truth is, before certain people decided that they wanted in on the V community (because they saw its potential as a money maker and as a catalyst to fame), but did not want to drink blood, those of us who were already very much integrated into the very underground world of Vampirism–no club kids or fashion victim vamps allowed–, we already knew that drinking blood–from people, not animals or eating raw meat–was much more than just a physical act.” “Certain people wanted to jump on what they perceived as a gravy train–at least for them–, but they didn’t want to actually drink human blood–even though their previous works and photos portrayed exactly that. They decided that they needed to be a Vampire, but they didn’t want to have to prove it like us blood drinkers can. So, the whole psi-vamp revolution started. Everyone jumped on that band wagon–of course they did. No proof needed! Now, all those people with empty lives; all those people with no direction, no discernable purpose in their lives; all those people who want to be special, who want a more glamorous reason for being sick…all those people took the new definition of Vampire and proudly slapped it on their foreheads.” –

Thus, she has made clear her distaste for non-sanguine Vampyres and since returning to the VC after a “6 year” hiatus, heaps scorn on psychic or energy Vampyres and bemoans their inclusion in the Vampyre Community. She clearly carries a lot of baggage about the Psi-Sang War. Ulterior motive, anyone?

Quite strange when you consider her response to a question in the Graveyard Press interview and explains how she started off as a child, using psychic feeding techniques to “inhale people’s souls” in church.

“…I was already feeding off of people’s life force and knew enough to recognize that I was doing that (I may not have called it feeding off of life force, but I knew that I was somehow inhaling other people’s “souls”) and that when I did it (which was all the time), I felt unbelievably good. I realized early on that when I would ” inhale people’s souls”, that I would achieve a sense of clarity about all things…”

Coupled with her statements in one of her earlier media spotlight adventures in the World Weekly News article where she describes herself as a psychic Vampyre feeding off her husband psychically, this raises some problems for Julia Caples. Is she a sanguine or a psi vamp? Is she an omnivore (‘hybrid’) or an adaptive feeder, or just a convenient liar?

In “Something in the Blood” by Guin (1996) she is quoted as saying:

“Actually, drinking blood is this sexual, erotic thing… You become this animal, this entity. You can let down all the barriers society has put on you, all the things you’re supposed to think, all the ways you’re supposed to behave. At the moment that I take someone’s blood, I really feel like a Dark Angel.”

Does she HAVE to consume blood, or does she just like it?

Also evident is a great deal of hypocrisy when she states on the same blog post as earlier:

“…certain people decided that they wanted in on the V community (because they saw its potential as a money maker and as a catalyst to fame)…”

Ey? How’s that again? After making a media career in embarrassing moments and bloopers as long as her arm?

On several Facebook groups, discussing the video preview and the interview circulating in print articles and online, Nicola Anne Jones (who is described as Caples’ sister in the community) stated:

“I myself was horrified at how they handled it.”

These statements are inconsistent with Anat or LADY DARKROSE’s continued promotion of the interview. Her sister (acting as her spokesperson) says one thing in other groups or areas where people spoke out against these articles in the VC, and at exactly the same time on Julia’s groups/fan pages she is saying the complete opposite and going all-out promoting her media exposure with the same company that allegedly disappointed and “horrified” them so much.

Posted on VCN FB group on 12 June 2013 (and visible also on her fan page on Facebook):

“If someone would be kind enough to post this on VCN in the thread about me, I will be beyond grateful.

In regards to my son, Alexei, being included in the documentary…

My ex gave the parental permission for him to be filmed. My son does not know or is he included in any of my blood drinking activities.

In the 1990’s I was one of the most well known real living vampyre figures. The state of FL took my 2 children from me because of who/what I publicly let the world know I am. I PROVED in a court of law that I am a very good mother. My lifestyle/activities are not detrimental or abusive to the welfare of my children. I won against the state and not only did I get them back, I was given a letter of apology.

How about you watch more than a 4 minute clip before judging that which you know nothing about.

Last thing, I have been doing this for 2 decades (media), I know how the media is going to make me look. At least I have the courage to allow myself to be made to look like an idiot in order to help those who desperately need it. There is a very long list of people I helped save. That is worth all your ridiculous and ignorant comments and unfounded judgements.

~DarkRose —”

I’m not familiar with US custody law, but to my knowledge – at least in South Africa, only one of the divorced parents is the legal guardian of children – the one who legally has been awarded custody – the one who is able to give such permission regarding such a request. Is that the case in the USA? If so, which of the boy’s parents is the legal guardian?

Even if you have joint custody it shouldn’t matter if he gave permission or not… either of the parents have a right to refuse (even if there are financial consequences later).

On the 11th Julia Caples’ sister Nicola Anne Jones posted that Julia was receiving death threats from conservative religious people.

Nicola Anne Jones: “Barcroft is a multimedia agency. They promised it would be educational. It already has gone viral. She is getting death threats online.” “The threats are coming from conservative religious people. I am actually a bit afraid myself as I was told that I am mentioned a lot in the actual recordings.” “Of course I myself am very upset by the way the media is handling it.”


She also claimed to be concerned that she might be targeted along with her sister due to her being mentioned in the interview by name “quite a lot”. Well, it’s a bit late now to think about the conservative religious people. They will probably have stalkers playing ‘van Helsing’ with them for a while – in which case the best bet would be to keep their heads down and perhaps get a gun. But no, not these folks – this mention of the threats was actually BEFORE she set up a fan page for her sister on Facebook advertising her status as late as the previous day as a media personality and contact for Barcroft – the agency she claimed to be disappointed in – and under her own name. Apparently not upset enough to take down the ads or stop putting them up on other groups.


The same links and items are promoted on her new fan page and another page called “The DarkRose Journal”, several times.

Would someone who is concerned about their safety and the safety of their children and other relatives concerning “death threats” do something like that? Or will it elicit compliments from her fans who will call her “brave” for it?

Were there really any death threats as advertised, or was it just an attempt to play to the sympathy vote?


Would she be promoting Barcroft if she were really upset at how they handled the interview? Or is this behavior more in line with someone who is well pleased with themselves and is basking in their newly reclaimed media limelight?

On Julia’s new fan page on Facebook, created ON THE TENTH by her sister Anat (aka Nicola Anne Jones) presumably in anticipation of her reclaimed media fame –

“For all media requests, please contact”

Pictures were plastered all over the page, complete with her in underwear and instructions on how to book her for more media. She really is after the limelight – and that’s not a good thing given the harm her video and present interview material is doing.

Her interview is now being cross-quoted by other news agencies and tabloid websites looking to cash in on the viral interest in Vampyres and some crazy chick guzzling down the good stuff no matter what her kids think about it. The material is now even being conflated with dodgy material from disreputable websites which have been leeching off the VC for years – like Vampirewebsite, a nest of disinformation and red-herrings. – This article refers to Vampirewebsite to prop up its claims that Vampyre bodies absorb blood the same way human bodies absorb water, as if Vampyres do not already have enough problems, we are now being increasingly tied to roleplaying wannabe sites claiming that Vampyres are the result of government viral experiments and who knows what other nonsense – because “Vampyres don’t age like other peoples if they drink lots of human blood”!

On Monday 10th June, on yet another Facebook page or profile, Julia DarkRose Ray posted:

“Um, I can’t view this yet, I don’t have Internet capabilities at the moment that allow for viewing video. I’m sure it has been edited to make money, ergo, I look stupid, to most. However, I am a blood drinker and damn proud of it!!!! My mission has always been to find others like myself and educate the masses with truth not fantasy, role-playing and delusions. What they filmed was the truth of being a real living blood drinking vampyre. I do not control all the Twilight terms and or any other cheesy descritptions that Barcroft chose to include. What is important is that I have used my real name, I did not hide my physical appearance under a ton of glampire make up, I am really drinking human blood right from my donor and I am real!!!! I live in reality. I do not make up BS so I can be the “Elder” of a community and push people around like chess pieces. I am only trying to find the others like myself and help them, like I have been doing for over 2 decades!!!!! So, all you people leaving nasty and cruel comments…keep it up. I do not care. I am beyond happy to be me and to have the courage to not hide behing fake FB accounts and to always tell it like it really is, no fantasy here…just reality!!!!! ~DarkRose”

Julia Anne Ray aka Julie Caples aka Lady DarkRose posted on her Facebook journal page on the 12th June:

“Well, Vampire community and haters, did you get the message? Is it loud and clear? Oh just one more lie and your house of cards is going to fall…hard!” –


So she’s trying to help the Vampyre community and is concerned about setting the record straight about Vampyres, martyring herself by going on TV and being brave to show herself as a blood drinker, while facing up to alleged death threats  – but in the same breath she wants the VC to fall?

You would think that someone who is receiving so much criticism from the public from these articles would be trying to find support with the VC and friendship but instead seems to be hoping for the VC to be left in ruins.

All of this in my view pretty much shows she does not have the VC or Vampyres in general in her best interest – only herself.

Her YouTube video now has hit 85,000+ views in a little over a day – well on track to catch up with Don Henrie and the Tyra Banks videos on YouTube within a couple of years. This means when it comes to people searching for real Vampyres in online searches, they will come across her and she will receive media requests and be able to set the narrative for the VC. In short, Lady DarkRose is likely to set the pace as the new “poster girl” for the real Vampyre Community – regardless of whether she actually represents our best interests – or her own.

The story has just hit Ghana and everywhere else in the world in more than dozen languages now. It’s already in quite a number of African news sites.


That’s what Julia Caples/Lady DarkRose fails to realize – by doing this in the way she has done it, she undermines the non-sensational attitude people have been trying to put forth for the protection of their jobs, family, and even lives – as we have been doing in South Africa.

Now when people Google “real vampire/vampyre” they’ll have her coming up and people will think their friends, relatives or acquaintances who just came out of the coffin are just like her. At least Zaar, the girl on “My Strange Addiction”, etc handled the subject with a professional and educational tone. Hell, even Don Henrie did a better job by far, as did Vampyra and Pyretta Blaze in the UK.

The images of Julia’s interview mostly show her drinking from the shoulders of her tattooed donor – which include words like “fuck, die, murder, 666” on his shoulder.

Even stranger (hard as that may be to believe) Lady DarkRose and her ex husband look even sillier in this video from their Penn & Teller: Bullshit-2004 interview: (Note also their baby being paraded on camera practically as a prop).

Sexualization of the Vampi(y)re is fine, and has kept the genre going for years – but Lady DarkRose acts like she is the only valid Vampyre out there and everyone who doesn’t agree with her viewpoint should “fall”. I’m all for dressing up in your best Gothic attire as a Vampyre and have no problems with people who go on TV doing this, but the line needs to be drawn somewhere.

We try to put our best foot forward when doing media interviews, don’t we? Only the best will do, after all – and little boys look so cute holding life-sized horned skulls.

Wait till this little lot hits the South African press… bang in the middle of a Satanic panic – the hysterics will have a field day. Can you say “Oh god, oh god – the Vampyres are coming!“?

Lady DarkRose has not been doing the Vampyre Community any favors – and this is by far her worst PR disaster yet. This is not about what’s best for Vampyres, or even for other sanguines. This is, and always has been, all about her.

[Editor’s note: Just as this article was posted, the news reached You magazine in South Africa – You mag is the biggest tabloid in SA, published in three languages and has a wide readership. It usually perpetuates the usual SRA crap in circulation here. It is probable that it will feature this story in the next print edition and make life for South African Vampyres more interesting than it needed to be.]


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10 responses to “Craving The Limelight: Julia Caples (Lady DarkRose) – by Octarine Valur

  • anatknight

    Take this down immediately and remove my name. You have not contacted me for permission to quote me in this article, and are trying to turn my own support of my sister into something it is not. Julia has a contract. Yes, I set up the Facebook page, which I was asked to do, so that all the shitstorm that we saw coming would have an outlet. I have publicly stated that Julia does not speak for me and no where have I claimed to be her spokesperson. I have indeed expressed in groups that I am very upset with the way the MEDIA is handling the video, with outright lies, calling her vampire obsessed, and printing the full names of everyone involved. That does not change the fact that Barcroft after having death threats posted on their accounts have reported them to the authorities and are offering her protection.

    Do I agree with everything that was done, of course not. But Julia is my sister, my flesh and blood, damn it I am not going to sit back and not defend her or support her desire to save people from making stupid mistakes. If you wanted a soundbite from me then you should have asked, and I will be seeking legal advice on the matter. There is a reason why my profile is PRIVATE and I post under a nome de plume. You blame people for craving limelight and then parade my name around when I HAVE NEVER ONCE GIVEN PERMISSION FOR MY NAME TO BE USED IN REGARDS to anything other than being an author. I do NOT work for Barcroft. I am a freelance author and editor of the DarkRose Journal. Your implication that I am a plant to create sympathy goes against moral ethics when you have not even contacted me to get permission to quote me. As for using the Graveyard Press Article which I wrote and then not giving me credit for that, WHICH WAS AN ASSIGNED JOB by the Zine, is again showing that you are doing nothing but trying to twist reality to suit your own desires.

    • Octarine Valur

      Let me start off by saying that I apologize for only including the link to the interview you (Nicola) conducted of Lady DarkRose when you were on staff with the Graveyard Press and not your name as the author. I’ve gone ahead and corrected this oversight as soon as I saw your notice (it’s 08:00 here in South Africa so I’m just waking up). That said, every quote in the opinion piece I’ve offered on Julia Caples (Lady DarkRose) was not only cited and contextual, but originated from public sources at the time of the article posting. Great care was taken in researching direct source material provided by Julia herself and from past interviews and experiences with the media. They have been offered in the same spirit as the numerous blogs I’ve read from Julia on both her public DarkRose Journal page, public WordPress site, and Facebook fan page which mentions the Vampyre community in detail and inclusive of her own opinions.

      As an admitted public figure (, administrator of the DarkRose Journal ( and Julia Caples’ public fan page ( where your name appears to non-friends and non-subscribers alike, among other roles you have and continue to serve independently and acting as her agent, I do not need your permission under right of free use to make quotations of publicly offered comments either on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or other public domain web or print sources.

      Similarly, Lady DarkRose herself is and continues to be a prominent public figure by admission and deed within the Vampyre community and it’s well within my purview to address issues I believe are of importance to the Vampyre community and the safety of those I care about here in South Africa or elsewhere. At no time did I state that Nicola worked or acted as an employed agent for Barcroft nor definitively denied that threatening comments had been made via the dozens of news articles published about Julia Caples in the last couple of days (I’ve seen the comments; the good the bad and the ugly).

      I asked a serious question in an attempt to seek a unambiguous answer as to why in one public comment Nicola and Julia are abhorred by the way the four minute clip and articles turned out while simultaneously on their fan pages offering support and encouragement for more media and syndication of the articles and the video clip. I, and I’m sure others, would like to know where the truth lies with her views on vampyrism and the community. In my opinion, it is hypocritical to offer your own blog postings about calling for the “fall” of the Vampyre community while trying to restrict my right to address such in a democratic manner. I posted this article across various Facebook groups but found it quite telling that Julia herself re-posted the article on her own Twitter, Facebook walls, public groups, fan page (, and on the Facebook group Real Vampire Life ( and then called for censoring the article!

      I am very much an advocate for free speech! I welcome Julia or anyone else to write whatever blog, article, or comment they wish about what I have written and will approve any comment that is made to the article I’ve posted on SAVN. It’s my hope that we can engage in dialogue and the earnest questions I asked about her true intentions be answered with transparency. I don’t wish Julia, Nicola, or any of her friends any ill will and will be keeping everyone involved in my thoughts if they continue to receive physical threats by religious or social fundamentalists. However, I have spent the last month in South Africa giving presentations to law enforcement and education officials who seek to ban and possibly imprison practicing Pagans, Satanists, and even Vampyres. What is permissible in America is not often well received in other countries. When individuals choose to go on television or give interviews it’s not enough to personally state that “these are my views and how I practice”, and then engage in a spectacle that leaves everyone thinking that their behavior is how most Vampyres act — this has been viewed by over 100,000 people with more coming and regardless how it turned or turns (future) out you do share some responsibility. You can blame the media once… even twice for screwing up your interviews (I’ve been there and know this firsthand) but everyone has started to lose count of the number of “oh, it’s not fair the way they edited the footage” with Julia; so I have to ask when is it enough? I’m eagerly looking forward to the full length documentary and hopeful it won’t be a further disaster. I had no intentions on writing any article until after seeing the finished product. So you may ask, why did you go ahead and do so?

      The comment Lady DarkRose made this morning (12 June) on her public fan page and via YouTube “Well, Vampire community and haters, did you get the message? Is it loud and clear? Oh just one more lie and your house of cards is going to fall…hard!” is the straw that broke the camels back. She is including the religious fanatics and closed minded zealots that are threatening to kill her in the same category and sentence as the Vampyre community (going so far as to list her fellow Vampyres first) who by and large support her right to go on television and represent vampyrism to the masses. I’ve counted some 100+ likes from those in the Vampyre community to her videos and articles and seen dozens of supportive comments in the blogs and news websites where the articles were posted defending her and her family. And yet, she has the audacity and dare I say arrogance to make such a disparaging comment about the very people whom she claims fellowship? I’m sorry, but in my opinion this makes her no better than Father Sebastiaan or other wolves in sheep’s clothing who have ingrained themselves in our community. When are we going to grow a backbone and call people out on their claims and bring them to task for repeated behavior that does in fact trickle down to affect us all? I care about the community and people I’m surrounded with here in South Africa and it’s a sad state of affairs to see Vampyres turning on other Vampyres. I sincerely hope something productive comes from this and the concerns I’ve highlighted addressed.

      • anatknight

        Thank you, as you know now from our conversation I myself have never called for the fall of the OVC, and hope that the situation can create dialogue and perhaps growth, I hope that people see the warnings of the dangers and take feeding more seriously (I have known way to many people who don’t bother with making sure donors are clean and disease free). As I was unaware of the situation in your Country, I thank you for bringing it to my awareness. Thank you for clarifying for your readers that I am not in the employ of Julia’s Agent. I am as I stated I am a writer, and I would rather be known for the quality of my work than for being Julia’s sister. I would rather be judged for my own words rather than my sister’s. I myself do not thing we need a singular face of the community, as it is far to diverse for one person, any one person, to be able to convey that diversity. I would also like to clarify that I am the one who as abhorred the video and the tabloid media’s handling of it,as was not aware until requests started pouring in for her to do more media that she has a contract and that Barcroft has to handle all requests.

  • Lunah Eir

    I have had the privilege to be in the company of and correspond with many kin and otherkin in the VC that benefit the community. Those that are fighting hard for our right to be here, our place in humanity.

    The sweat, blood and tears that has gone into all the hard work done by these individuals for the rest of us. So that WE don’t have to hide, so that WE can have hope to one day live normal lives out in the open, so that WE can be free of persecution and prejudice.

    …And on Monday I saw all of that get broken down and for no other reason than for self-glorification and greed. Selfishly taken away because someone relapsed on their fame addiction.

    Julia Dark Rose (or Caples or Dark Rose Ray or whatever today’s flavour is), you and your supporters claim to be doing this to help and save people, but for the love of God, how is this helping any of us?

    These videos and interviews and fan pages, they aren’t informative. All you are show casing is your family’s personal matters and a “look at me, look at me” approach. The fact that you involved your 10 year old son in this as well is just unbelievable.

    Was your feeding clip informative? Did it show how to be hygienic? Did it show different methods of bloodletting? Do’s and don’ts on selecting donors? How to treat donors as the heroes they are? Did you state do’s and don’ts on how to handle yourself in the public eye? Did you offer advice to young awakening Vampyres? Did you once speak on behalf of the community and relay a message that we aren’t barbaric creatures of the night? Did you even attempt to educate the outside world on how we truly are?

    I think the word you’re looking for is NO.

    At the end of the day, you have to live with yourself – and I hope you can live with what you’ve done. The shinai are not forgiving and they do not forget and I hope no one has to suffer for your selfish mistakes.

  • Tiny Spencer

    I’m appalled by the level of disregard shown to the wider VC… I have never seen a more self-contradictory (confused perhaps?) display of outright attention seeking in my life. I should think that someone who is hoping to “find the others” and “help them” would not do it by showing the media (the world over) the poses LDR does, to me it seems like an attempt to reclaim former glory. But now the repercussions will be felt the world over and in a very religiously based country such as ours, with way too many narrow minded people and even authority figures, this debacle has done damage, and all of this is ENTIRELY MY OPINION AND DOES NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THE VC’s (perhaps you could learn something from that).

  • Lady Dark Rose: An Opinion Poll – by Lunah Eire | SA Vampyre News

    […] am referring to the article from a few weeks ago by Octarine Valur entitled “Craving The Limelight: Julia Caples (Lady DarkRose)“. Wanting to gain some insight into how others in the community (and even outside it) […]

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