SAVA Clarifies Uneducated Claims Of Blood Drinking & “Satanic Crimes”

SAVA GlyphFollowing some reckless mention in recent radio debates discussing “Satanism”, in which allegations were made of perpetrators of violent crime alleged to have consumed the blood of their victims, and careless mention of “vampires” by alleged “occult experts” in relation to alleged “Satanic crime” in South Africa, the South African Vampyre Alliance has added a statement to law enforcement agencies and journalists on its public information site. 

A Note To Law Enforcement Agencies

We as a community strive to operate within the laws of the land in which we live.

As a rule, participants in the self-identified Vampyre Community do not commit forceful acts upon others in the context of their vampyrism, but conduct their activities within the confines of consensual and mutually agreed-upon arrangements.

In general we work to exclude (or more to the point, preclude) from our communities those who act recklessly or who show no regard for others, or respect for our own customs and community guidelines as well as for the law in general.

Should any law enforcement body or similar agency wish to contact us for inquiries or to engage with us for any reason, please use our contact form.”

“Vampyre Subculture & “Satanic Crime” – A note to law enforcement, journalists and the media:

To clarify the misconception being perpetuated that Satanism and Vampyrism are perceived as one and the same thing by alleged “occult experts”:

Certain aberrant and criminal behaviors are being attributed to Vampyrism as a subculture and conflated with Satanism as a religion, while the truth is that the two have little or nothing to do with each other.

Behaviors which have nothing to do with Vampyrism or the Vampyre subculture:

  • Sucking blood from dead bodies,
  • Human or animal sacrifice,
  • Cruelty towards animals or people,
  • Sexual abuse or exploitation,
  • Forcibly obtaining blood from people, to consume or to use in rituals or to sell to others for muti purposes,
  • Violence,
  • Drug abuse,
  • Robbery, vandalism or similar tasks or “rites of passage”,
  • “Satanic rituals” involving any of the above.

It must be stressed that these activities are NOT part of the Vampyre subculture or society. These are trends or traits which have nothing to do with Vampyre culture.

The Vampyre community strives to exist and operate within the scope of shinai (non-vampyre) law.

Within the Vampyre community there are clear ethical guidelines which specify what is and what is not acceptable in the community – and behaviors such as these are NOT acceptable within our community.

There are participants in our community who associate with each other and form small local groups in their own areas for the purposes of support and social activities, however large-scale public gatherings are rare in this country.

Given the hostile nature of some pubic interest in the subject, it should be understandable that most participants prefer to remain anonymous and to communicate under their nightside or Vampyre names. It is very easy for an unsympathetic public to jump to conclusions and claim that this choice is because “they have something to hide” – however, they conveniently forget that anonymity protects people from very real and open hostility and potential dangers or persecution and victimization.

The word “coven” is used by certain alleged “occult experts” to describe Satanist groups – while in reality, few Satanists actually use that word, preferring to use terms like “grotto”, “pylon”, “temple” etc. This generalization serves to stereotype other religions and subcultures which happen to use the term “coven”.

In the Vampyre culture we traditionally have “clutches”, “covens”, “houses”, “temples”, “clans” and “courts”. In Pagan religion uses “covens”, “circles”, “shrines”, “temples” etc among others. It should be obvious that there is significant room for error here. If people hear the word “coven” they are very quick to jump to the conclusion that it is in the context of Satanism and to persecute these people as “Satanists”.

Vampyrism and Religion:

Satanism is not Vampyrism. There are HUGE fundamental differences.

Satanism, like any other spiritual belief system featuring the worship of deities, is a religion.

The Vampyre subculture is NOT a religion – it is a form of cultural identity group which includes various practices based upon their own personal experiences and needs. The Vampyre culture is NOT a religion, nor is it coupled to any religion.

This should serve to clarify that identifying as a Vampyre is not a religion, but like anyone else, a Vampyre can belong to any religion of their choosing. Statistics from surveys conducted within the VC have revealed that there are far more Pagan and Christian Vampyres than any other religious affiliation in our community.

In a religion such as Satanism (depending on the type of Satanism) there may be rituals involving the use of blood, and even the consumption of blood – however the difference between being a Vampyre and someone who drinks blood as part of a ritual should be obvious – but simply isn’t discernable to a lay-person.

In simple terms, anybody can drink blood.

  • A self-identifying sanguine Vampyre consumes small amounts of blood because they feel that if they do not, they will suffer ill health for the lacking.
  • A person who consumes blood as part of a religious ritual does so for the purposes of the ritual and not for the same reason as the Vampyre.
  • The Vampyre also requires no ritual to consume blood and also does not use the blood for purposes of any ritual or magical outcome.
  • The sanguine Vampyre views blood consumption as the taking of a kind of medication for an as yet undiagnosed medical condition, such as one would take a pill or a shot for diabetes.
  • The non-Vampyre who consumes blood for other reasons would view the consumption of blood as part of his or her religious ritual practice or conducts this as part of a sexual fetish.

Vampyres who do consume blood are a minority within the VC, and those who do consume human blood, do so with the voluntary assistance of someone close to them, in private and with consent of the donor. Others may make use of “stock” blood from abattoirs or obtained from butcheries, packaged meat products etc. The average quantity of blood consumed by sanguine Vampyres is about a tablespoon a week.

There are also other kinds of Vampyres who do not consume blood, but who feed via psychic or other energy means and from a variety of different sources.

Should you as a law-enforcement official, or a journalist, require a statement or interview on the topic of Vampyrism, vampyric people, self-identifying Vampyres, Vampyrism as an identity, please post your requests and/or comments in the Contact form.

Thank you.

The statement can be viewed here:


One response to “SAVA Clarifies Uneducated Claims Of Blood Drinking & “Satanic Crimes”

  • Gyorgy Laszlo Mandel

    I believe Octarine Valur has more than adequately outlined the lifestyle that we life, I just wish to add that while mentioning the religion of most practicing Vampires Octarine felt it unnecessary or omitted to point out their dedication to their beliefs, I have found that dedication in Vampires to the religion they practice far exceeds the commitment that many so called acceptable humans commit to their faith. Satanism is not a religion that we would follow as it goes against many of the principals of Vampirism. A principal of vampirism is also that we seek not limelight as it is a need of the ego and we as a rule do not operate on the level of ego. Whatever our chosen religion we are spiritual beings and would desire less or no attention outside of our community. I trust those reading the articles will bear this in mind when deciding on the authenticity of those that seek publicity in the name of what we are. Count Gyorgy.

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