Opinion: The SAVA Public Debate On Vampyre Nature – by Lunah Eir

Debate-300x336On 14 May 2013, the SAVA hosted a public debate on Facebook. What follows is an opinion piece based on a transcript of this debate:

Well what a delight this was… Never have I seen a group this diverse in so many ways, come together in one thread and have the response be so positive and informative to all. In my opinion, a major success.

First, a little background: Every day, there are articles being posted on various Vampyre news sites regarding Vampyrism – and very precious little of it is good media coverage, in fact, most of it consists of sensationalism. Articles that are really very damaging to the Vampyre name and reputation in general (as if we need more of that).

There are regular upsetting news reports of people getting high and biting off other people’s ears while shouting “I’m a vampire!” or attacking up and coming rock stars while believing they are protected by their “vampire super hearing”.

Teenagers are getting far too caught up in popular vampire TV series and movie sagas and doing silly things because they want to be their own version of Edward and Bella. Then there are people who live up to real Vampyre’s chagrin – those that boast they can “turn” people – for their loyalty or a modest fee of course. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Articles and the news media are not our only obstacles. We have a law enforcement organizations that act like religious police, whose operatives are misinformed about real Vampyres and who seem to believe that Vampyres attack people and steal their blood for selling it on some kind of bloody black market straight out of a story book.

Religious and extremists groups that believe we are Satanists or devil worshipers, demonic beings that need to be “saved” from our delusions of being Vampyres and to turn from our sinful and wicked ways.

The common denominator in all I have said thus far here is that these are misinformed people. People who think they know (don’t you just love that type?) but don’t – people who are not even willing to interact with us Vampyres in order to see for themselves. They aren’t willing to read our articles, or even just get over themselves and accept that maybe, just maybe they could be wrong (Gasp! Imagine that!).

The discussion: This open discussion was, in my opinion, a milestone for all of us that are Vampyres.  There were people present at the discussion from every aspect of life, bloodline, religion and belief. They took the first step to getting to know us Vampyres. They took the time to be there, not knowing what to expect. They asked their questions, advertised their interest and were willing to learn, not because they wanted to be Vampyres, but because they wanted to hear the truth. They were tired of the Hollywood myths, misapplied stereotypes and prejudiced religious babble. They wanted to hear the truth. Questions were answered and educational material was linked to and made available during the debate. Respect was shown to every single Vampyre at the debate, and that respect was returned.

If we can just take this one event as an example of how Vampyres and seekers could interact in genuine interest, so that more people can approach us and hear what we have to say – hear, as I said – the truth of how things really are for us… That we are not savage and cruel Dracula wannabe’s, that we are fairly regular as each individual goes, and humane, caring people – that our donors are treated with all the love and care that we would treat our closest family with.

To those who don’t know but want to learn and listen to what we have to say, approach us, visit us at the Culture Center – or just ask a Vampyre – we’ll be happy to answer your questions and dispel the myths!

To those that joined the discussion with open minds, a heartfelt THANK YOU!


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