Community Warning – Journalists Carry Out Sting Operations On Vampyres

DatelineNBC-VampiresThe Atlanta Vampire Alliance has put out a warning about journalists conducting “sting operations” in which they arrange for someone to pose as a potential donor for a Vampyre, and when they meet for the first time, they are secretly filmed discussing the details of their interaction.

Although this instance has been reported in the USA, previous and similar examples have occurred there before, and also in the Netherlands in 2012.

Dateline NBC – Chris Hansen’s ‘Undercover Investigation’ Of Real Life Vampires

Dateline NBC – Chris Hansen Meets ‘Real Life’ Vampire
May 17, 2013 @ 8:00 PM ET


If you or someone you know have posted solicitations on Vampire/Donor websites seeking donors then you should really watch the program that came out earlier this evening on Dateline NBC – it aired nationally in the United States. Chris Hansen and his colleagues contact three unsuspecting ‘real vampires’ who are seeking donors and arrange meetings with undercover reporters posing as potential donors. These vampires are filmed with hidden cameras and then when the undercover reporter leaves the room the ‘real vampires’ are confronted by Chris Hansen and asked questions about vampirism, blood drinking, and how they source blood from humans and animals. Is this an ‘undercover investigation’ or a throwback to his canceled series “To Catch A Predator” . . . “To Catch A Vampire”? There are potentially serious real-world implications to outing individuals as self-identified real vampires to a viewership of close to seven million.

Full Video:

Dateline NBC Link:″

The SAVA believes that there is no reason to doubt that something similar could happen in South Africa.

The presumed motive for such tabloid journalism is most likely to be sensationalism, and would probably try to ‘catch vamps out’ on points where they may violate community guidelines, contracts, or exhibit behavior that results in abuse etc – in other words, doing things opposite to how these SAY Vampyres are ‘supposed’ to do them.

The irony is that unlike similar entrapment for drug dealing and prostitution, there is no actual crime based around vampyrism, no trade, no dealing and no illicit product being manufactured and bought and sold, nor linked to any kind of conventional crime syndicate or criminal gang or provable kind of criminal activity.

Cheap tabloid journalism of this nature is usually VERY expensive for the Vampyre.

Be careful out there. You never know when the potential donor you’re meeting may turn out to be a dupe for a group of journalists (or worse) looking for a juicy story at your expense.


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  • Serenity

    Just wanted to let you know the video does not work…or at least it does not work on my end.
    Thanks for the post 🙂

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