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This week’s reviews: Looper, The Possession



To start off with – I don’t understand why all these good old actors are making these really crap movies these days. Looper wasn’t what I expected from a Bruce Willis film at all. Sure the story had potential but in the end it just fell a bit flat for me.

Having said that I liked the way they narrowed the story line down bringing three different timelines into one. I liked how they tried to make the future projection of vehicles and transport something that felt natural and do-able even in today’s age.

Looper plays out in 2074. Joe (Main character played by Joseph Gordon – Levitt) works for an agency that gets rid of certain targets (almost like a mob). When the agency wants to get rid of these people they send their targets 30 years into the past, where they are then killed. Joe works for this agency and he is the person waiting on the other side, killing off their targets. Joe’s future self (played by Bruce Willis) comes back with a message of some sort, one that leaves Joe all battered and bruised and in search of himself.

All in all the film for me was a 2 out of 5, I expected a lot more.


The Possession

Here I was thinking I was up for something close to The Exorcist, and believe me it even had me going for a while but yes just like so many other stories – they just had to stuff it up in the end.

Had they not used a little creature crawling over the floor like Voldemort I might have been gripped, I might have settled for it being good. But alas – no… they had to go all Voldemort on me, so I was pissed.

The story starts off with a young girl (Natasha Calis) buying an antique box off a yard sale. The box however seems to hold a malicious spirit seeking a body to grow itself in. The girl’s body however can’t cope with this growth requirement causing the spirit to slowly start draining her from the inside. After numerous, paranormal occurrences and downright evilness lurking everywhere the girl’s father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) starts to investigate spiritual ways to ending what seems to be a curse.

Sadly because of my reaction to “Voldemort”, I’m stuck on three out of five.

[Editor: “Based on a true story”…Really??]


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