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This week’s review: The Kill by Allison Brennan

The Kill is the third and final novel written in Allison Brennna’s Predator Trilogy.

The Kill is a romantic thriller which puts another of her cross over characters in danger. Olivia St Martin – scientist with the FBI is stunned to learn of new evidence coming to light in the case of the kidnapping of her sister. Having carefully studied all cases dealing with similar characteristics as that of the person that kidnapped her sister she decides to take matters in her own hands by posing as an FBI agent and joining forces with the leading detective in one of the most recent kidnapping cases.

I liked the way the story tied in with the previous two novels, but also have to admit that by this time, I too had a familiar sensation of been there done that previously. I found that this final novel wasn’t as graphic as the first two but appreciate the author’s attention to detail and efforts in trying to make it a bit different.

While the novel did enough for me to finish it, it didn’t bind me into a page turner that I was able to finish in a day.

Three out of five for me again.


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