The Book End: Reviews by Nadine

343548This week’s review: The Hunt by Allison Brennan

Intro: Miranda Moore is a distant character you would have touched base with in The Prey. She is used as the leading character in the second novel of the Predator Trilogy from Allison Brennan.

Miranda Moore miraculously survived the onslaught of a serial killer twelve years prior, a killer they are all yet to face. The Butcher continued to kill, and Miranda continued to battle her own demons as she partakes in the search and rescue efforts for all of the Butcher’s seven victims.

Detail: The Hunt is the second novel in a trilogy written by Allison Brennan.

Comment: The Hunt was a good suspense. As per number one, this novel too had lots of wow factor but also some down points.

The suspense was intriguing, the storyline well written. I wasn’t fond of the endless babble about why she left the FBI, about why she felt cheated etc – but the suspense part was good. What I like about these books is the fact that there is some head-hopping. You don’t just get the view from the main character; you get insight from her and the killer.

Where Allison got hold of her evil descriptions, the layouts of her kills, I don’t know. She portrayed them fairly realistically, which in my book is an A+ for any author.

My journey continues with the third and final novel – The Kill. That review coming soon.

Rating: I gave it a 4 out of 5.


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