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216132This week’s review: “The Prey” by Allison Brennan:

Rowan Smith, a former FBI agent turned writer is working on recreating her best-selling novel into a Hollywood movie. Life seems to have become simple, straight forward as if she had finally outrun her demons when a series of murders start rising based straight from her books.

Rowan has landed herself at an intersection in life. Can she cope with having to revisit her haunting past, should she run for as long as she can or should she face the music straight up?

The Prey is novel one in a trilogy written by Allison Brennan. It was an okay read. It had lots of wow factor but also had some down points. The good thing is that the downside wasn’t down enough to make me stop reading.

The novel has enough intrigue, attraction and mystery with action to keep one going. I wasn’t fond of the main character since she was somewhat of a distant person but I understand that it was needed as backbone to the story. The author manages to capture readers as she is quite gutsy – she manages to kill off one of the main characters while at the same time growing sympathy towards her main character who really is an ice queen.

I think it was good enough for me to want to read the 2nd and 3rd novels even though I sometimes felt as if I wasn’t totally drawn into the novel. The sequels are said to be much better.

I gave it 3 out of 5.



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