Vampyre History Project Posts 2012 Entry

ScreenShot015The Vampyre History Project, also called “The Secret History of the Vampyre“, has posted its 2012 entry. Running since early 2010, the project has amassed tons of historical information relating to the real Vampyre Community as well as to historical mention of vampire hysteria, interesting uses of the word “vampire”, as well as issues relating to vampire fiction, art, and the development of the modern Vampyre culture – and also the stereotype many of us are identified with today.

While the latest entry focuses entirely on the year 2012, previous entries concentrate on previous years, with 2011 and 2010 each also having dedicated entries. Earlier decades contain less and less abundantly available material, and so the entries for each year are shorter and shorter the further back we go.

The entries for latter decades contain between five  to ten years each, and even further back, there are entries which contain up to half a century each. The earliest entries focus on cultural and archaeological features in ancient civilizations that connect to the modern image of the Vampyre – and vampire.

The Vampyre History Project is an ongoing project of the South African Vampyre Academy. It originally began as a project of House Valur, in early 2010. The aim of the project is to compile as complete an historical overview in the form of a Chronology or Timeline of Vampy(i)res in history, myth, folklore and also in terms of the development of real Vampy(i)re culture and community in the context of both ancient and modern history.

The bulk of the information presented in the Project has been sourced online via net trawls, gathered from news sites and from references to earlier, less complete attempts to present a comprehensive Vampyre History. Much of the last two decades entries contain real-world and real time mention of events as they unfolded in the development of the Vampyre Community.

The entry for 2012 should be of great interest, as this year was quite a dynamic one. The 2012 entry includes among the highlights: “”Vampire” divorce and custody case in South Africa, the death of Don Rimer, Vampyre-hater Bill Schnoebelen releases new book attacking the VC, Court of Lazarus celebrates 10th anniversary, more “vampire” crimes, “Emo” killings in Iraq also targeting Vampyres, OVC takes interest in developing local VC’s internationally. Changes in Magisters of Gacrux Halo, the opening of Turais Halo, the founding of House De Nocte and Ordinem Angelus Lapsus. Aurora Co Batman cinema massacre. Beginning of friendly interaction between South African VC and local Therians. The scandalous SAPS “occult related crime” unit reforms covertly and is exposed by Pagan community activists as it relaunches after a 11 year hiatus and focuses on Pagans, Satanists and Vampyres. SAVA internal elections and other changes.”

As with all year entries in the Project, these will be continually updated whenever new information comes to light.

To read the new entry go to the Secret History of the Vampyre site.


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