In The Picture: Movie Reviews – by Nadine

This week’s reviews: On the Road, Taken, Hotel Transylvania.

On the Road

On the Road is a two hour four minute film that had me dribble between the words – totally grossed out – wondering – twiddling my thumbs and biting my nails from boredom – and then the power went out.

What is it with these youngsters that are intrigued with making movies about being bio, totally addicted to drugs and lost in translation at the same time? All I got from this story is the fact that the main character’s father died, he had to write a book – lacked inspiration and ended up hanging with a dude that had lots of wives and was willing to cross the bridge to the other side – while he was married.

I know this movie is based on a beloved American novel which I admit I haven’t read yet, but this movie made me decide not to read it at all. As for the actors – Garret Hedlund – just when I started loving you – you ended up scarring me for life. Kristen …apart from Twilight I’m waiting for the movie that will crack you, but this movie and Snow White wasn’t there yet. The rest of the cast I take my hat off to you cause there was a lot of driving, a lot of shagging – loads of drinking and smoking but no bottom line for me.

I’m happy to agree with rotten tomatoes verdict of no consensus because this movie left me with exactly just that.

Movie Review: Taken 2

Taken 2 is a follow up from Taken starring Liam Neeson, who acts as Bryan Mills, a retired CIA agent. In taken 2 Bryan is targeted for revenge by the father of one of the guys he killed in Taken. The film is set in Istanbul, where Bryan, his wife and daughter travel to for a short get away.

In Taken 2, Bryan has to employ his special skills with the help of his daughter in order to secure their freedom. The movie was fast-paced, adventurous and had me on the edge of my seat.

Loved it.

Movie review: Hotel Transylvania

In this 3D animation movie, Dracula operates a high end resort which he erected as part of a dream he and his wife shared. Having grown fearful of human society, he developed an overprotective drive in protecting his own daughter. All his attempts end in failure when an unknown human enters his resort – and falls in love with his daughter.

Characters are voiced by the likes of Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Selena Gomez and Andy Samberg etc which should give you an idea of what to expect.

Took the kids for this one. Kids loved it.


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