Why Do Vampyres Hide? – by Val

People who first hear about the real Vampyre Community wonder why it is the first time they hear of them. They wonder why Vampyres are not, or haven’t been, more open – and because Vampyres tend to live more hidden, covert lives, hiding their vampyric nature, or obscuring the truth about their nature – they assume, and some even allege – that Vampyres really “have something to hide”, or something to be ashamed of. They presume that because Vampyres hide or keep their nature secret, that they “must be up to no good”, and worse, in the vein of those whose paranoia transcends reason – that they present some kind of “threat”.

Allegations based upon ignorance, paranoia and the resulting fearfulness are quite a popular tool with vampophobic activists, particularly in the field of religion – and especially in religious fundamentalist groupings in exclusive, puritanical, prescriptive and structured religions like Islam and Christianity.

It is easy to paint another social grouping as a “threat” or “danger” – especially if the audience has no information to judge the merit of allegations they are being presented with. It’s easy to turn an audience against an outsider minority group, particularly if little or nothing is known about that group, least of all without that grouping being afforded the opportunity to defend itself against such attacks.

A particular favorite tactic of such activists, is to obscure, distort or entirely omit the known or widely available facts, and to simply create the false impression that any grouping which happens to be the focus of their attack is a direct enemy of their religious group, and is most frequently identified as such by the application of the labels “Satanists”, “witches” and “devil worshipers” – regardless of how little truth is in their allegations.

In modern society, many people who will cheerfully sit in an audience listening to sermons and speeches intended to incite fearfulness, paranoia and hate, do not have much interest in checking up on the “facts” they are presented with by the hate-mongers doing the inciting, and face it – groups such as “Satanists” tend to keep their heads down rather than to risk being identified in order to dispute the utter nonsense they are often accused of. Thus, such generalization and stereotyping of legitimate and legally protected faith groups continues virtually unopposed in public. It IS far safer to remain silent – after all, it’s not as if those who swallow the hate-mongers baloney would actually believe them anyway, is it?

Most who identify as Vampyres realize that while they have little to hide, there is plenty to lose by becoming openly known as Vampyres. While this country has a secular and advance human rights constitution, the government and its associated organs of state are fraught with religious fundamentalist influence, in the form of government employees who also hold ad hoc positions in Christian churches, mixed Afro-traditional and even the tiny little fanatical evangelical sects and cults which have popped up on every street corner over the past decade or so, espousing fundamentalist and separatist values in the name of religionISM. While it is unconstitutional to do so, government bodies – in the form of their staff – frequently refuse to carry out their mandated duties, even in such basic tasks as administration, for example in the cases of same sex marriage etc.

Bearing this in mind, it is easy to visualize scenarios where divorce situations end up in court, with vampyrism being employed by one partner against the other – or even by the state, in causing children to be taken away. It is also relatively easy to grasp that religious conservatives everywhere in society will take whatever actions they can against perceived Vampyres – such as depriving them of their employment, habitation, and whatever else they can.

Thus, it should make sense then to anyone wondering why they haven’t seen more Vampyres coming out on TV or in the news, or even at work or at tenpin bowling evening. It’s not because they are doing something wrong, or have something to hide – it’s to avoid the nastiness and complications of those who would hate them if they knew. It’s to keep themselves – and their loved ones – safe.


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6 responses to “Why Do Vampyres Hide? – by Val



  • lilith

    when you talk about vampyres that really exist…are you referring to humans who drink blood and have a vampiric lifestyle arent you?cause i think the other kind..the fictional/inmortal kind is just what they are..fictional….at least thats my opinion and according to all the research ive done all my life as ive been obssesed with them since i was a child and i still am….

  • JP Vanir

    Looks like your articles are spreading out more Val; I guess thats a good things its not just reaching the Vampyre community but the uninlightened about REAL Human Living Vampyres who are not merely lifestylers and posers like lilith implies but to each there own and people will only believe what there mind will allow them or can wrap around without seeing what we go through and that it is not a fun game. Trust me Billy Being a Vampyre in a Human body is no walk in the park nor a phantasy – it can be a pain in the ass esp when you do not have the donors your require or can not get the sustainence you need – Be it Blood or Living Energy (Vampyres can feed on both or one of the two). It can be very coplicated and harsh when people hate you or judge you because of what you can’t help…

  • A. Phoenix Stone

    Thank you for this article. As one who identifies as Vampyre, it was hard facing one of my closest friends and telling them this truth. It came up in topic one day, as we walked…He’d made a joke about vampires on tv, so I made a comment regarding it, along the lines of “well that’s close to the truth”… Later that night, I set myself to tell him…He was my closest friend, who knew everything about me, except that. I figured he’d find out anyways. So I told him. Thankfully, he listened with curiosity, and asked questions. The next day I found out he went looking through all sorts of websites learning as much as he could. Some were more fiction than truth, but there was a real genuine interest. Sadly, I could never talk to my family or other friends. I’d love to be open and honest, but the truth is I think my family would reject me and my friends, there’d be maybe a few that would still talk to me. All because of something they don’t and/or won’t understand. -.-

  • Gypsy Valentine

    I think you can only give seekers and the general uninformed public real information on vampyres for about 15 or 20 years… and then it gets old. I really don’t care to personally educate anyone about the subject: there are outreach groups worldwide, local meet-ups in most cities, many good books on the market now, and of course, there’s always the internet. Teach kids to read, send them to school, and what do they do? Gnaw the covers of them.

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