In The Picture: Movie Reviews by Nadine

This week’s review: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Whether you are a Twi-hard or just accompanying your friends and girlfriends to this movie I’m fairly sure that everyone had some part that they took with them after walking out of the cinema. The audience I was a part of was joyfully verbal. I enjoyed the audience’s reactions towards the screen as much as I loved this last film in the series.

Breaking Dawn one and two – to me – was better than the novel. I must admit that there was a brief second where I was debating this exact statement in this last movie – for a moment I was so shocked that I actually sent a silent prayer stating – maybe if they stayed stuck to the book I would have accepted it better. But then my prayers were answered with the second turn of events.

The movie again – for me – started off with a bang. Bella embraced her new form with utmost grace. The love between her and Edward was seemingly stronger. Jacob played his role epically as usual – yes girls where trying to take photos here when he ripped off his clothes – and the introduction of new vamps brought much adventure.

I don’t want to lay down a plot here as it will pretty much give it all away to those that haven’t seen it – all I can say is that it had a nasty twist which was then catapulted by modest relief that eventually led to sitting there overwhelmed by the fact that this was it – the end of five years of waiting for the completion of one of the most epic romance movie series ever created.

Critique: Only bad thing- for me was that Renesmee’ sometimes looked a bit offish while she was younger. I totally get why Kristen wanted the Chucky doll to be banned off set.

As for the story and plot layout – bravo.

Moral: If you are a follower, this is definitely not one you should miss. If you are a hater I’m sure this one might hold some sense of surprise even for you.

Bottom Line: Full circle is concluded and I wonder what us girls will be latching onto next year… as for now – I feel fairly lost. (… maybe 50 Shades?)


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