SAVA To Be Restructured

SAVA Internal Announcement 2012/11/15: Restructuring Of The SAVA


Currently there are some issues which require that the structure and operation of the SAVA be streamlined. At present the perception is that the SAVA is a community body laying claim to territories with the intention to dominate the South African Vampyre Community via a hierarchical system of command and control. This is not a desirable perception, and it is better that this be addressed as soon as possible. 

The South African Vampyre Alliance was established in May 2011 in order to formalize and establish the local Vampyre Community and to encourage and manage the growth of this entity through co-operation and mutual sharing of work-load and resources. Over the past two years, it has become apparent that a hierarchical system of the type currently used in the SAVA breeds envy, distrust and jealousy among those in the community who feel they could do better or deserve better than those chosen to perform certain tasks on behalf of the SAVA.

Numerous individual members have been appointed to positions of responsibility within the SAVA since its founding. On numerous occasions some of these individuals either failed in their appointed tasks, or abdicated their responsibilities completely. Most members of the SAVA are new to the realization that there is a Vampyre Community at all, and generally have no clue how Vampyre culture works, nor have any clue nor concept of other sideline issues which are vital to closed communities like ours – such as information security, anonymity, and even fewer seem to present any demonstrable willingness to learn.

Over the past few years, a small minority even deliberately worked against the SAVA and the interests of the SA VC by working to break apart and undermine every gain the SAVA has made since its beginning, including colluding with external hostile entities. Again, over time, the SAVA has worked to counter each obstacle and setback and to adapt to meet new challenges and to overcome potential setbacks. Considering recent events, it seems that this is yet another such challenge that needs to be met head-on.

Over the past two years, lessons have been learned that have resulted in the re-evaluation of the present format. It appears that despite restructuring the hierarchy through several incarnations, it has become clear that the current system is no longer working – not even after opening positions such as Magister and Secundus to democratic processes of nominations and elections in the public eye. There are too few participants in the online SA VC to make a complex hierarchy such as the one employed within the SAVA to the present, effective – and therefore changes are forthcoming.

Most current Magisters and Secundi, regardless of whether they are new or experienced, are still not coming to the party, and are still not participating or contributing to the growth and development of the SAVA, or the community. Individuals willing to take the initiative are short in supply, while there is no shortage of drama queens on hand, with some having taken the concept of “initiative” to the extremes of ignoring SAVA policy and SAVA instructions or decisions to further their own agendas.

Excuses are easy to make, but while those making them have the time to occupy positions of responsibility, they do not appear to be contributing anything to the cause for which the SAVA stands – uniting and growing the local community. Whether or not this combined lack of activity is purely coincidental or calculated and deliberate, as part of some scheme to assist external bodies in achieving their goal of destroying the SAVA by bogging it down in inaction and inactivity is unclear – but this situation is now about to come to an end.


SAVA’s focus will shift from being a perceived territorial community “governing body” in order to take on a role more in line with being a community representative body. The point of such a body is to convey the understanding that it consists of more experienced participants who have a stronger grasp of what the SA VC is all about, those who are willing and able to conduct themselves as representatives of the SA VC and to contribute to the building of our community and culture by means of their own efforts through debate, contribution or other action, in co-operation with others. Other aims or uses of the body will be to address inaccuracies in press and media reports, or propaganda, and to promote a positive image and understanding of the Vampyre Community.

1) The present executive head of the SAVA is the Regent of the SAVA. This will remain unchanged, and the Regent will act as Administrator for the SAVA and its membership, retaining the right of veto over any appointment, decision, mandate or action, and also the right to represent the SAVA in whatever sense or on whatever occasion.

i. The Regent may appoint individual members of the SAVA in specific posts, or with specific tasks for the purpose of delegation of duties as is deemed appropriate by the Regent.

ii. The titles for these individuals and their duties and tasks will be determined by the Regent.

2) The executive body of the SAVA has until now been the High Council, which consisted of the Regent, and incumbent Magisters. The High Council recently became part of the Senate, however both High Council and Senate will now fall away, to be replaced by the Assembly – consisting of the entire membership of the SAVA, as equal members.

3) Halos will no longer be managed under the former hierarchy of the SAVA by a Magister and Secundus, but will be referred to as demarcated territories to represent the Vampyre Community within each province of South Africa.

i) Instead, all activities within Halos will be managed within the Assembly by individual members and whatever Houses or groups they belong, at their own discretion.

ii) SAVA will now focus on total membership and representation of the SA Vampyre Community instead of focusing on geographic location and territorial aspects alone.

4) Membership issues:

i) Houses, Temples and Other Bodies no longer hold membership of the SAVA, only individuals may apply for or hold membership of the SAVA. Group membership or leadership in any particular group is no longer a requirement to hold any post or position within the SAVA. Houses or groups or other entities which are a part of the Vampyre Community, or which wish to do so, may apply to register as friends or affiliates of the SAVA.

ii) Only individuals who are residents of South Africa may apply for or hold membership in the SAVA. In addition to the existing member application and screening process, new candidate members must:

a) Must not have been previously banned from the SAVA for any serious or disciplinary reason or reason pertaining to violations of the SAVA member code of conduct or policy.

b) Must not have nor maintain ties to any bodies, entities or organizations hostile to the SAVA or VC.

c) Must not have any criminal record or convictions for serious crimes, or crimes pertaining to violent to sexual offences, or have committed offences in violation of accepted community guidelines against members of the SAVA.

d) Agree to SAVA policy restricting the dissemination of information presented via any SAVA channel which is labeled CONFIDENTIAL, indicating agreement that such is not to be passed on by any means to ANY non-members of the SAVA whatsoever, without the express clearance of the Regent, or currently serving duly appointed member responsible for corporate communication or information security.

e) Must create a user account on the SAVA forum, and participate as required in private discussions, votes, polls and decision making as members of the SAVA.

f) The Regent of the SAVA and Assembly may together form or dissolve internal bodies for specific purposes, geared towards achieving or promoting the aims of the SAVA. These internal bodies may have their own membership requirements, protocols and processes IN ADDITION to the regular SAVA membership policy, which applies to ALL members of the SAVA.

g) Contravention of any of these provisions of membership of the SAVA or internal bodies of the SAVA will be held to invalidate that membership, upon either disclosure or discovery of any said violation deemed worthy of the attention of the Assembly or any other duly appointed internal SAVA body.

5) Focus:

The focus of the SAVA will be on

i) Encouraging the growth of the Vampyre subculture by

a)  Reaching out to the Awakened and encouraging them to join the SAVA and to participate in the local community, both in real life and online.

b) Encouraging members to form their own functioning and active groups (Houses, Covens, Temples etc).

c)  Encouraging members to attend or host events, private or semi-public to boost social activity in the community.

d) Encouraging members to take an interest in the Vampyre culture by educating themselves about it.

e)  Creating awareness among members and non-members of what it is to be vampyric, and an appreciation for the uniqueness of our culture.

ii) Promoting public tolerance for diversity and the Vampyre Community by

a) Disseminating accurate information about Vampyres, the vampyric condition and vampyrism, clarifying misunderstandings, countering propaganda, dispelling and busting myths about our kind.

b) Co-operating with other minority social groups in order to counter institutionalized ignorance, prejudice and persecution resulting from disinformation campaigns, deliberate acts and propaganda on the part of external hostile groups.

c) Answering bigotry and inaccuracies, deliberate or incidental, in the media by the submission of letters, articles, or direct contact and face-to-face interviews by delegated persons.

iii) Preserving the uniqueness of the South African Vampyre Community by

a) Ensuring that Vampyre ideologies, religions and cultural concepts or devices developed in foreign communities do not usurp or replace those of the local community.

b) Ensuring that foreign VC groups seeking a market for their books, ideology, religion, or other wares, and to exclude the pre-existing local community structures, do not gain a foothold in the local community in South Africa.

c) Interacting with Vampyre communities and groups in other countries and by adding our unique insight and contribution to the global Vampyre Community.

6) Timeframe:

The process of restructuring will take precedence over the next few days, starting on 15 November 2012.


Minimum disruption to the operation of the SAVA is anticipated during the period of transition to the new structure. Any inquiries may be directed to


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