VCN Opens News Site

Most of us in the SA VC today know about the Facebook group VCN, or Vampire Community News. This definitive Vampyre news resource has been available on Facebook and Twitter since 2008, and has just expanded onto another platform – which will make it more reader-friendly and accessible to those who, for whatever reason, avoid social networks such as Facebook.

Run by Merticus of the American VC, also of such well known and respected groups such as the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) and Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC), this news group on Facebook has been active in disseminating news and items of interest to the international real Vampyre Community since 2008.  October 2012 saw the creation of a new website for VCN, using the WordPress platform.

VCN is perhaps the oldest still existing and uninterrupted news resource for the international VC. Vampire Community News was established in 2008 by Merticus as an extension of the former Suscitatio Research Ning Group and internal notification system for the VVC. VCN is currently available on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress.

If you have news to report that relates to the international real Vampyre Community (sanguinarian, psychic, tantric, living, etc. vampirism) please contact VCN.


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Octarine Valur - Founder: House Valur, South African Vampyre Community, South African Vampi(y)re Alliance (SAVA), SA Vampyre news (SAVN). View all posts by Octarine Valur

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