In The Picture: Movie Reviews by Nadine – Dark Shadows

This week’s movie review – Dark Shadows


(Starring Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Eva Green.)

Dark Shadows used to be a regular soap on American TV between 1966 and 1971. The 2012 Film version brought special effects, very popular actors and a touch of humor.

However, even though it had all these things going for it, I’d agree with majority of the critics when they say – Dark Shadow’s didn’t quite make the grade.

The plot:

The imprisoned vampire Barnabas Collins, who once had the world at his feat, is set free in another era – 1972. He returns to his ancestral home where he is met by his dysfunctional descendants who are on the verge of bankruptcy.

To increase tension in the plot his character is also up against the housemaid – a witch – who is the woman scorned by vengefulness, the person behind his banishment. A new woman arrives at the mansion, she herself is in flight away from society. Her arrival is met with surprise as she is the spitting image of Barnaba’s lost love who died by the witches curse.

Bottom line: Barnabas tries to protect and reconcile what is left of his heritage. He rejuvenates the family business, creates animosity with his vengeful witch and strives to meet up with a fate-driven love.

While I understand Tim Burton’s idea behind rebuilding the idea for The Night Of dark Shadows and House of Dark Shadows mixed with the success of the black humour from Beetlejuice I too can’t understand why this movie was such an ultimate fail. Maybe it’s because the initial Dark Shadows was seen as something more serious.

Either way, the initial series did foreshadow various other vampiric knockoff’s since so it’s sad to see that Dark Shadow couldn’t meet its predecessor’s type of fame.

Watch the trailer on You Tube.


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One response to “In The Picture: Movie Reviews by Nadine – Dark Shadows

  • vampyrian

    Honestly I admire Dark Shadows for what it did in its time HOWEVER I despise Drama and soaps so quite liked the changes plus I am a huge Burton and Johnny Depp fan as well. I also loved the unexpected ending and thought he did a wonderful job. Come on people a Vampire from his time in the 1970’s – obviously there must be much humor. There was also much wonderful adventure as it had a bit of everything. Most of he critics of this movie bothered me about as much as the reviews of the Anne Rice movies. Enjoy them for what they are and reinventing of the ideals. I absolutely LOVED Queen of the Damned as one of my Fav’s and to heck with the critics – I do not listen to there reviews anyways but the bad reviews make me want to watch them even more, LOL…

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