Magisterial Election Results

The SAVA Magisterial Elections are officially over, with the first round concluding on Friday. The second round ended today at 2pm, with the selection of Halo Secundi for two Halos, thereby concluding the elections. Results below. First round (Magisterial) results: Atria Halo: Nox Kassapu Avior Halo: Circe Arcanum Ilyatha Halo: Kay Valkir Noctem Mintaka Halo: Kitra Draegan Seymore Zaurak Halo: Jaco Lazarian von Draco Dravana All candidates have been elected to the post of Magister on the SAVA High Council.

Second round (Secundus) results: Ilyatha Halo: Ahzek Ahriman Mintaka Halo: Vidal Astaroth Noticeably absent from these elections was Gacrux Halo, with zero candidates. Congratulations to all candidates, and to the SAVA membership for a successful first election.

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