First High Stakes Elections For SAVA

Politicians are often compared to Vampyres, but it’s not often that Vampyres are compared to politicians, and even less frequently in a factual sense. It’s Magisterial election time in the SAVA, and with the key seats on the High Council to all nine Halos at stake, things are set to get interesting for our community – and there is probably little more entertaining than Vampyres dashing about in evening-wear and capes, flashing brightly polished fangy grins and saying highly original things like: “Vote for me!”

When SAVA was formed a little over a year ago, its Constitution was set up in such as way as to set elections for a new High Council every 5 years. Because at the very beginning SAVA had very few members, the first High Council was a set of volunteers who worked under the premise that they would practically be self-appointed for the first 5 year term, after which the first elections would then take place to elect a new High Council.

In the meantime, SAVA gained a Regent and several Magisters were directly appointed into these positions – something which was within the scope of SAVA policy, but which resulted in a measure of dissatisfaction among some members – even though it was recognized as the only practical way to overcome some of the obstacles encountered by the SAVA at the time.

It is now far earlier than 5 years into our history as a community body, so why are we already holding our first Magisterial election? What has changed? Over the past year, participation levels in the VC have increased to a point where elections are now considered to be more viable than previously, and so this decision to hold elections early was the creative solution to a few mounting problems.

Members are able to nominate themselves or other members for the positions of Magister or Secundus for their Halos. Magisterial nominations already began on Monday and will conclude by Thursday at 3pm, with the first round of elections being set for Friday.





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