The Fashion Vampyre: Dark Fairy Goth Pt4 “What Lies Beneath” – by Griffin M

The Dark Fairie is, it is said, amused by our fashions and by how our styles are reflective of the fears and insecurities we have – and how we present ourselves to others. Fairies both light and dark can be amused by human behavior and will imitate our styles in the most outlandish ways, our looks. Of course there are the naked or poorly clothed fairie best known as a type of House Brownie. Such beings are quite helpful until the well-meaning person decides to give a new pair of clothes to their household helper. Then all hell breaks loose. This so insults the little being that they leave in fit of rage…that says something about our obsession with fashion.

Ok before I start to meander; this is one of the in-between times of the year, when the light and dark courts of fairie switch places and migrate. Tradition. Tells us the two courts have followed the same migratory paths for ages. Some stories recall the two courts weave in and out of each other creating a swirling intertwining of dark and light colors. The purpose? Besides acting out the changing seasons is a dance to confuse and dazzle any humans who happen to
stumble upon the migrations. This is one of the times the courts dress in full regalia.  And an old story/myth told to me by my father was, that whoever happened to come across the court migrations was either swept away or found dazed and confused and quite naked… their clothes having been stolen by the Dark Fairies.

When asked what had happened to the clothes they would mutter, “the last thing remembered was a voice whispering… your clothes or your hide.” Now the fairie have their own sense of justice for usually it was the well-to-do or nobility who fell prey to such misfortune.

Well, in a certain sense, it explains the rich attire from Medieval through Romantic favored by the Dark Fairie. And reflecting on the exaggerations of such fashion mentioned earlier and I tend to think the style just might hint at this interplay. Imagine the embarrassment of a high-brow lord or lady stumbling around in the forest naked. Fairie justice – it’s not only the emperor who has no clothes. Sorry couldn’t resist.

OK, fashion. What does separate the light and dark fairies? Encountering that swirling maze of color how can one figure it out? ( Hope you are not rich and arrogant) . We’ve covered the clothes and the colors, being vampire not hard to deduce and for most of comfortable with such a palettes. Some of the Dark Fairie were nothing more than a shrieking head. Who in there right mind would feel the lure of such an image? Think lips, the eyes and the hair. Lips in dark fairie fashion are bare or painted white or silver. A dark fairie never shows the teeth until it has set well upon it’s prey. Yes red can suffice, no need to explain that one do we? Stupid human didn’t give up the clothes, or…

Eyelashes…lite of mascara or singly applied long long ones. Most predators or creatures we best leave alone, have some kind of whisker display or fur around their eyes which helps them home in on prey and navigate the night. The hair…another story in and of itself. Think again wild animal tufts or dragons plumage or long and streaked. This is not the coiffed or neatly combed look of the Golden Summer Queen but the tussled look of one who rides the wind, perhaps sweeping us up in the Wild Hunt.

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The colors can be left natural; signifying. hiding in the dying brown or fading yellow foilage, maybe with streaks of red like fallen leaves. One of the deadliest creatures is the brown recluse spider (I should know); nothing striking about the coloring at all. Just it’s bite. Onward… the hair is sometimes black; maybe with streaks of red blue or green ; there are those deadly creatures that are so beautiful after all.

But what about those confusing so called nicety-nice colors of a softer nature? Those pinks lavenders and greens? Throughout history the victor often took the crown of the dominated land. Hair to the fairie can signify a crown and the importance for a season or two of being the dominant force.

Braids; the obvious conclusion is snakes, gnarled tree limbs or roots. OK back to stories. Some mischievous fairies were known to tangle or braid the hair of people while they slept. Now you know who to blame if you really look shot the next morning.  On a deeper level, braided or tussled hair can signify a certain comfort with the dark fairie. So how can this work for you? That’s for you to figure out. But you can look up some of the old stories. And not just ones that portray beautiful images of Morgan Le Fey. Try to delve into tales of the eerily green and awesomely fanged Jenny GreenTeeth. There’s the red-eyed Washer Woman at the River, wispy white -lipped Willow of the Wisps, the wild -manes Kelpie Wand of course the stout muscular red and flaming haired Morrigan.

Another story… last one I promise.  Once you know a fairies name or their true nature you actually can know them. Often this is the reluctance of their telling their true name and hence the many nick -names. Another similarity with us of the vampire nature? How many out of a felt self preservation post under assumed names? I’m guilty as charged.

Done.. accept for my gratitude and thanks to the lovely and inspiring Amanda Swallowtail who granted me permission to use her pictures in my article!

Till next time,

Griffin M

[Photographers: Friedrich Shniedau and Lennie Adams. Model: Swallowtail Unholy Rainbow]


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