Psychic Readings – By Circe Arcanum

To ‘Read’ someone takes a bit of observation, practice and an unshakable belief that on one level there is no such thing as right or wrong. I may have misinterpreted or got the language wrong but I was still correct in my observation.

When I do a reading I just open up all my senses to the person and go still inside and let all my senses deliver the message needed for the other person. I let the information flow through me. I feel the collective unconscious and it is like a vast ocean and I reach down and ‘feel’ for your thread and ‘read’ what you need to know now. What needs to be told to you in your language so that you will hear me? Then I have to ‘translate’ all the thought, emotions, sounds, smells, tastes and textures into words…a lot gets lost in translation but that is the art form involved.

I am not gifted or descended from gypsies. I am practical and logical, things have to make sense to me or I don’t ‘buy it’. I do see colours around people that I understand most people can’t. Why can’t you? Your children can, I can see them watching the colours. Don’t ever lie to a child they watch your colours change.

When I see you move and talk you are giving away signals that I can pick up.

When you pause for breath or look away I see the patterns of your thought and emotions. Ever seen the series ‘Lie To Me’? I am not that good but would like to be.

If you want to understand people, look within. I can imitate most human behaviour and find it easy to find out how someone will respond because the same responses are within me. Know thyself is one of the most complete advice forms about. I am constantly learning about the facets of myself. Putting myself in other people’s shoes is part of the training, when I can’t figure someone out, I find them fascinating.

Then there is this download of data, fully sensual on many different levels of communication. Data that has to be unraveled and sorted into useable bits. This is where the subtly and political correctness comes in, and a huge chunk of gentleness.

Question? ‘What does this person need to know right now in these areas of their life?’

This is where some directions is useful, I don’t need it, but for a more relevant reading it is helpful to know where in your life you need the most guidance ie. Love, money, career, spiritual journey or family. Those are the most common themes of us all and the boundaries aren’t fixed for money flow into career and love and family get mixed up. Just one of those words can focus my sight into the areas you want to go rather than the areas that I might feel is best.

Then the hard part begins. I have to, in many different ways and words, communicate the information to you. I have to hit you on the emotional front a few times to get you to ‘open up’. Not for me to read you, I have already done that but for you to receive it. This is most of the time spent doing a reading and lots of patience is needed. I love doing readings for people otherwise this part would drive me crazy.

Scenario 1….he is not coming back; he was not right for you anyway and has moved on. There is unlikely any chance he is coming back and is having great sex with his new girlfriend, her roommate and her brother. He does hate you but you are not in his thoughts much as he has moved on. No, he was never going to marry you and give you babies. Yes, he probably did sleep with your sister.

How many nice ways can I say the above? Quite a few. The more times I have to say it the more direct I will be. I can do a whole hour reading talking about the relationship and how it fell apart and how there is someone else really good for you this time waiting for you as soon as you get over the last one, and the last question will be ‘So he is not coming back then?’ Also, I am not going to tell her about his new sex life or that he slept with your sister I am trying to get you to move on and not cause any more family problems. I might tell you that your sister is not to be trusted and to back off and leave her to her sad little life, but that’s about it.

Scenario 2…yes the divorce was 2 years ago and she took everything from you, so sorry that the children wont speak to you and she has made them hate you, but you did sleep with her mother, didn’t work and sat on the couch watching daytime television for much of your marriage and haven’t got off it since.

No, I don’t think sap! I think how I would turn my life around from this point onwards. I see if I can see a shift in his energy and focus him towards it. Even if you just start doing a few positive affirmations every day it is a step in the right direction. There are no losers that are lost forever, a gentle shift and massive changes can happen.

Get out of bed and do some exercise, go back to school and learn a new skill, go get a job, do you write, sing, dance, paint ? DO SOMETHING! Life is not coming to you, you have to go and get it! Everyone has a spark I have to uncover it.

That’s my job.

Scenario 3….you are a trained healer in many spiritual disciplines, talk to the angels and dead people, have lived alone for 35 years with your furry children, all 19 of them, you know that there is your twin flame waiting for you to love and make babies with because he promised in a past life when you were separated by the invading Roman army. You know that living on KFC and Big

Macs are not good for you but you have a thyroid problem and the weight and skin problem will all go away when you fall in love again. Is he coming soon?

I have heard stranger tales. This is where so straight talk is needed. NO HE IS

NOT COMING. Find a hairbrush, go swimming daily and go socialize. When was the last time you went out? No, taking Fido to the vet last September doesn’t count.

These clients rarely come back, but I have had a few breakthroughs. I am not your friend/mother/boss/sister. You have employed me to SEE you, and tell you about it. No I won’t hold back stuff that you really need to know, but I am not going shut you down so that you won’t hear anything else. My job is to keep you receptive and open.

I have to, ever so gently, suggest that you have to CHANGE and that is not nice.

I do love people, I know I joke around but you are all flowing to this invisible goal of what might be happiness. You are not sure what it looks like but usually has someone who thinks you are funny and smart, sexy, wise and loveable because you don’t think so, so someone else must. Huh?

My mother’s cousin’s wife’s uncle is a happy man and I want a life just like him.

He is rich and loves his wife; his two sons’ are drug addicts and his mother just committed suicide but you can’t have everything.

Sorry, what are you asking me for again?

I have people sitting for a reading with crossed arms and shielded minds saying

‘Go on then read me.’ You are actually saying please don’t, I really don’t want to change or know that there is someone out there that can read me better than I, you might see through all my sh1t.

Sometimes I give you what you are asking for and fluff the reading so you can go home happy that Readings are a load of old nonsense and not have to change.

It isn’t about my ego but how may I serve you best. The above doesn’t happen often.

Will I tell you there is a wonderful job and money flowing into all your creative whims. People that look up to you and respect you. A house in the country with well behaved ‘normal’ (i.e. cardboard cut outs) children. A mate of perfect looks and wealth that will worship you and create future visions of perfection with you because you are total perfection. Well…….probably not.

But when things go wrong you sit in front of me and silently ask me to fix it…

I will always try.





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