The Book End: Book Reviews – by Nadine

This week’s review – The Host by Stephanie Meyer

The host is a novel written by Stephenie Meyer which is now also due to go to film in 2013. In this novel the human race has been taken over by a kind of parasitic host – or soul. The human bodies therefore remain intact; their minds are however taken over by hosts. In some instances the minds of some of the bodies are very strong, in which cases the bodies are shared with a host and a human sole which are extremely resistant towards each other. Usually in the case where the sole cannot control the human sole and take charge of the body, the body is disposed of and the host is put into another body or sent off to another planet.

In this science fiction novel a human (Melanie) is acquainted with a host (Wanderer) which are both in total resistance towards each other. The fact that Melanie’s soul refuses to fade away causes the Wanderer – Wanda to be taken on an unexpected journey unlike she had experienced in her nine lives’ and survival in all other host bodies around the universe.

I felt the characters to be well developed but the plot to be a bit “draggy” in some instances. I did get some cliché alerts in some instances but towards the end the story felt as if it had gone full circle which was something totally different from what I felt in Breaking Dawn. Admittedly this wasn’t the best book she had written (I thought Twilight and New Moon where the best) but it was good enough to be read.

I think the fact that’s he managed to create two conflicting characters within one body made me like it since I think lots of people would be able to associate with her idea. There was also the fact of a love triangle which seems to be something she likes but in the end it worked out well.

It will be interesting to see how they are going to put this on film as the plot is fairly level without being able to see the inner conflict between Melanie and Wanda.

Holding thumbs.





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