Valid Theories, Or ‘Send-me-to-the-loony-bin’ Ideas?

Sometimes things mull around in my head and at the moment, I have two ‘theories’ doing that. I have not fully researched either of them or really thought about them in great detail, but I’m gonna put them to paper now to see what all of you think.

The first I’m going to mention is a more recent idea…. I believe that we are born to vampirism, I do not think that one can be ‘turned’ by drinking a vampyres blood or by any other means – however, a recent conversation brought up something that got me thinking in a slightly different direction.

Blood transfusions…yeah, we all know about them, they happen all the time – but what if someone has a blood transfustion and what if (a) almost all their blood is replaced or (b) in the batch of blood they receive that just happen to receive vampyre blood?

This is not like ingesting blood, where the blood will be affected by stomach acids, we’re talking vamp blood directly into the vein. There have been documented cases where people who had transplants suddenly developed tastes or interests that they didn’t have before, so if a person receives vamp blood intravenously do you think that its possible that it could ‘make’ them a vamp?

Right now, I’m two minded about that. Part of me really thinks its a possibility and another part thinks it can’t be. I think that vampirism is genetic and hereditary, although I don’t think its necessarily ‘passed on’ to all members in a family – but then again, blood has our DNA in it, so the implications of that in another persons body could be interesting.

What do you think?

The second thing mulling in my head involves vamps, bats, fallen angels and dragons – all in one mish mashed package.

The theory that vamps could be fallen angels is one I find interesting, but for me, there seemed to be something lacking, something missed. I have also long been interested in why bats are always associated with vampyres. Yes, I know you get vampire bats, but they were so called because of vampyres, did the association start before the naming of those bats or afterwards? (I’m not sure about that one, so if anyone knows, please tell me).

Dragons have always fascinated me in a way I couldn’t quite figure out. It was only fairly recently when a friend did an article about the whole vamp/angel theory that these things all kinda mashed up in my mind and here are my thoughts (and allow me some poetic licence here) on the idea. What if the vampyre/fallen angel/bat idea is also connected with dragons? If you think about it, dragons are like large bats. Angels, bats and dragons all have wings and there is a theory also that vampyres have/had wings that are unseen now. Bats and dragons have similar wings…dragons breathe fire…fallen angels imply that they feel from heaven into hell…hell its said, is full of fire and brimstone…Can you see where I am going here? What if vampyres, fallen angels and dragons are one and the same thing and THAT is where the ‘vampyre turning into a bat’ idea comes from?

Any thoughts on this?

If anyone would like to try and put me into a nice white jacket with straps on the sleeves, I have one thing to say…

Bite me!






One response to “Valid Theories, Or ‘Send-me-to-the-loony-bin’ Ideas?

  • atoasttodragons

    Not sure what your definition of a vampire is. So I can’t really comment on your theories. If you just mean humans who drink blood and run around thinking they’re Dracula, then it’s a product of a mental illness, I think, and transfusing blood would have no effect. As for the second theory, that’s an intriguing connection, but I think the myths developed independantly of each other.

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