The Fashion Vampyre: Dark Fairie Goth Pt3 – If the Shoe Fits – by Griffin M

Segment three on Dark Fairie has turned out different to how I expected. I had hoped to get through the rudiments of the style itself and then into a visualization focused on finding your own Dark Fairie style. Focused? I should know you can never focus on the fairies without them slipping away or changing before your eyes. Any connection of this world to theirs is subject to change.

I have touched on the colors; the dresses and even the manner of walking in such. A bit on hose or stockings and then came the shoes. That’s where I was waylaid. Such a potent symbol are shoes in the Fairie mythos, these tales are older more sinister than Cinderella or the friendly cobbler Brownie. These are encounters with the Dark Fairie who challenge us in the three primary survival
modes of fight flight or freeze. We think we have the upper hand but often we do not.

Shoes…a multi-million dollar industry. Both men and women look at them all the time. We are either entranced by them, enough to follow like a star-crossed lover running after or we obtain them ourselves and like the step-sisters, try to force our unobliging feet into them.

But meanwhile I’ll go back to where I had originally planned, the colors. There is black (inevitable) red (that two) though more towards russets and Burgundy. Green dark hunter or emerald, midnight blue, purples, deep browns tinged orange. Grey or silver maybe a dash of white. Sometimes there is an interplay
of a lighter green upon a darker green, grey on mid-night blue.

It’s the message of the interplay between the dark and the light with the dark giving proper respect to the light. Also think of the elements and how they are influenced by the darkness. The element can be represented by the complimentary color.

Clothes; long flowing dresses of skirts, quite a few eras to choose from, Mid to Renn. to Romantic or early Vic. If choosing a dress, most alluring and enchanting are ones that can drag on the ground. Ok the safety issue of tripping
and possible serious injury. How to avoid: simple. Place hands on front of thighs and hike up several inches or place hands just slightly behind and above knee-caps, hike up and pull around to front of thighs. Feet are now able to move unencumbered yet you have created the effect of sight and sound of clothes rustling along the ground. Remember head high shoulders back.

Leggings? Black to lacy design fish net. Bright to dark. Side note on the brighter colors, think of life hidden within the darkness.

That brings us back to those shoes or boots. Sometimes with this style they show, definitely if walking trailing that dress behind. But before I begin I do think I should mention if I haven’t already, this is a style worn more by women then men. Not that the guys don’t enjoy the allure, they do. Let’s give them credit for imagination which if they did not have to some degree, none of the heroes would have gone on quests after the owner of that certain lost shoe. Found shoe end of story.

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Instead our hero is enchanted by the shoe and sets off on a journey to find the lady who hobbling along, hopefully in his eyes. But there’s a catch here. That lady often a Fairie is not hobbling along….she’s often watching her pursuer, blending in with trees sinking deep into steams. She is Fairy and if not dark still receiving the aid of the dark. Remember in this realm the two are intertwined. Or if he is lucky, he has had an encounter with such a being and is left heart -sick as she goes running off. One thing I ‘ve found out about the Fairie, they do not come at my beck and call but compel me on a journey of sorts.

So keep in mind what is the interplay of the encounter you imagine to create by representing a Dark Fairie? A combat ready ‘I stand my ground and you ‘ll end up eating dirt and leaves’? The limber ballet shoe footed who glides to a tree limb and smiles down at the bewildered pursuer? And let’s not leave out the heels. We will cut to the chase and go to spiked.Definately not the representation of the swift and agile, or combat ready Warrior Queen but the allure of outright seduction. Think about it; the most attractive part of a woman’s foot is emphasized…the frontal ball of the foot and toes.

And even if you can’t see them the primal mind connects the imagery to uplifted calves and buttocks. So there you have the male awe -struck before the encounter. Sure she could cause damage with a sharp thrust of the pointed tip of her shoe but that’s part of the allure. Think black widow mating dance…long legs.. never mind. High heels are the presence itself and such a vision of the Fairie staying long enough but of course on her terms.

Back to combat or calf hugging boots. Back -tracking here but that’s the nature of it. You think you are headed one way and find you are back at square one. Lower heeled boots or combat, besides the previously mentioned “you have met your match” conjures images of running side by side under the moon. This is the allure of the Fairie who guides in battle, testing perhaps but with one’s personal growth in mind. And the attraction primarily?

Boots besides giving the foot equal leverage can emphasize the thighs and the power behind a good kick. I can’t imagine the Morrigan, the Battle Queen and sometimes known as the Dark Queen of the Fey, making love with the Dagda, one foot on each side of the river in high heels.

Don’t care if it was Samhain these were two powerful deities that needed all the sure-footed leverage they could get! Boots of this nature, can symbolize the interplay of equal power and finding a worthy opponent. Yes Fairies are attracted to such fools, women as well as men, and they always come with a lesson.

Ok flat footed shoes or ballet inspired shoes… the ones with the rounded toes. Wimpy.. mousey .. you might say. Think again. It’s the definitely catch me if you can and you won’t unless I say so. At the first sign of contact or expression
of desire she’s up that tree or hanging off the chandelier peering down asking “Well what’s next?”. This one can drive you insane as you try every move and faster than lightning she is behind you to the side or above..again. Its the wood – land Dryad leading deeper into the forest till their poor would be suitor expires on the forest floor. Then in death she allows that embrace. In an affection few can understand, this Fairie will cry and mourn over such a lost love. Some of the old myths tell of the Dark Dryads holding on and caressing forever such would be lovers until they themselves die.

primarily what makes this shy little fawn so appealing yet so deadly? Not only are the legs in action but the spine and the serpentine power held there. Need we mention that one of the seats of power is located in the abdominal region? As a slight comparison, during the 19th century, the ballerina was not the thin version of today. The original ballerina was much more fuller in figure and she stole the hearts of many through such graceful agile movements. It’s the actual
movement of nature itself; of the balance of.. no.. need to mention that again. So the reason for this article? And haven’t even touched on the makeup or hair yet. Well choosing to wear attire of the Dark Fairie means a recognition of the power of such forces.

The most mundane item …shoes.. so necessary yet taken so for granted can signify such an acknowledgement. It’s the lure of something forgotten yet deep in memory. Yes the item itself has transformed but so have the Dark Fairies though the essence remains the same.

Ah yes.. I did mention the whole freeze fight or fright psychological tidbit at the beginning. Well have fun with it.

Till next week.. yes, more Dark Fairie; further down this convoluted path.

Griffin M.


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