In The Picture: Movie Reviews – by Nadine

This week’s reviews: Lockout, Magic Mike


Lockout is a 2012 science fiction – action film that was released in February 2012. The thrilling action film is a about a man who is wrongly convicted of conspiracy against the US. He is offered his freedom provided he can rescue the President’s daughter from an outer space prison which has been taken over by its violent inmates.

The movie features Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace and Peter Storman.

While many people didn’t find this film intriguing – I loved it. It reminded me of movies that hosted the likes of a Jean Claude van Damme with added humour. The action scenes seemed to roll over and gel which made the story intriguing yet fun.

I’m not one for Sci-Fi but if there are more of these I might just become a fan.
Verdict: Nice Friday night action movie that leaves you in a good spirit for the rest of the weekend.


Channing, Channing, Channing what did your wife say about you flitting your manhood around so many women?

This movie had so much potential. It had great bods. Very current actors – dance. It started with a very good storyline but then … Just as I thought we were going to go into the end of the storyline, the full story – it stopped.

I sat there?


Verdict: A great movie to watch provided you are a bunch of women and you have loads to drink.

The film features Matthew McConaughey – who plays his role ever so well, Channing Tatum the hunky dancer, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello (True Blood – yummy) and Adam Rodriguez (whom my husband will never see in the same light again).

If you find yourself looking for an end – I share your sentiment, might as well go and do a girls evening and watch some local dancers since this storyline made me yearn for more.


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