Dark Nations: House Valur Steps Down In Favor Of SAVA

On Thursday, House Valur, which had been a member of the Dark Nations since 2011, ceased to be represented in the international organization. By agreement with the administrators of the Dark Nations, House Valur has withdrawn from the Dark Nations so that the SAVA might be admitted instead, as a voice for the South African Vampyre Community in the international arena.

Since the time House Valur turned a year old and had been admitted to the Dark Nations in early 2011, work began on building the local community. New Houses were formed and the SAVA was born.

The Primus of House Valur, who is also the Regent of the SAVA, felt that this move would be in line with the House goals, by benefiting the entire SAVA membership, and potentially the rest of the local VC, with participation in the Dark Nations, rather than just one House. It also makes more sense to have broader representation on the body than trying to channel work for the benefit of the entire local community through the auspices of one House.

House Valur will not be entirely out of the Dark Nations picture, as it holds membership in the SAVA as one of the founding partners, and will be represented in the Dark Nations along with the other member groups of the SAVA.

In the Dark Nations model, each member House holds an embassy group, and is entitled to three official representatives. Whereas before Octarine Valur, Orfeo Annimusredomo and Gabrielle Draegan represented the House on DN, the SAVA embassy staff will consist of: Octarine Valur (Head of Group),  Samael Anathan (Ambassador),  Psion Valur De Nocte (Secondary Ambassador) and Kay Valkir Noctem (Secretary), each of whom is both the head of a House and also a Magister in the High Council of the SAVA.

The Dark Nations is a body which aims to be “a diplomatic endeavor and the culmination of an attempt to raise the bar on communication and conduct across the Vampyre, Therian and Otherkin societies at large. “





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