The Book End: Book Reviews – by Nadine

This week’s review: 50 Shades of Grey


It’s tied into the explosive popularity of Twilight. It’s literally a Twilight fanfic gone wrong and published. You’re just seeing legions of Twitards acting out all their sexual frustration in spinoff porn.”- Hardware junkie.

As with the Hunger games, I admit I had the same resentments. The fact that I finished it shows that it carried potential even though I sometimes saw the storyline to be a bit flat especially once you look past all the sex.

It’s pretty much about a man that meets a woman and then lures her into a BDSM relationship. As he is her first and they are overly attracted towards each other she tries to figure out whether this is what she wants or not. In the end she decided that she rather wants to be loved than beaten (hooray). Like everything in life the line between love and pain seems to very narrow, and then, like her – I also started wondering.

What made Grey so f- cked up?

Why can’t he bridge his past and act normal?

My thoughts are, that most women find attraction to this novel in the sexual fantasies that are played. Even though it has to do with BDSM, I don’t think this novel touches the darker side of BDSM – it merely brushes past it. I’m sure that while many women are intrigued with the story line, few would in fact delve into such pursuits.

Why the comparison with Twilight? There are no vampires in it (although some say the same thing about Twilight). My only guess is that women just entertain this book for its sex, since Twilight had such a long and enduring run without it.

When it comes to the writing I found myself a bit annoyed with the author’s constant repetition of wording like “crap”; “double crap”, “shit” and “hot”. I constantly questioned some of the sex scenes where she was referring to “come” instead of what I thought should be “cum.”

Either way – the irritation I experienced wasn’t as serious as my eagerness to discover what the hell made Christian – 50 Shades of Grey, so screwed up. So I am onto 50 Shades Darker and will report back on my findings sometime soon.

Movie talk – I don’t think it would be any different from most soft-core porn out there. In fact, I’m pretty sure there might even be better porn on the market. However, it’s not my scene – it’s one thing to read it, and another to watch.


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