In The Picture: Movie Reviews – by Nadine

This week’s reviews: LOL, This Means War.


The movie LOL was a surprisingly fresh coming of age film that featured the likes of Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene, and Demi Moore and Adam Sevani.

It’s something they described as mature thematic content that involves teen sexuality and substance / narcotic abuse. The story centres on Miley Cyrus who is dumped by her more sexually experienced boyfriend. Throughout it, it reflects on how her mother is dealing with her separation, how she deals with her loss and in the end finds an interesting partner in her best friend and even her enemy played by Ashley Greene.

I watched this and realised what a long way we still had left with our own kids.

LOL is not the type of movie that people would complement for its action, graphic or wonderful acting. It’s a film about life and that in it-self should mean something.

Tags: Lionsgate Films; Miley Cyrus; Demi Moore; Gouglas Booth, Adam Sevani


My review summed up in one sentence. This was so skanky, but so fun to watch.

The movie plot starts off where two of the world’s deadliest CIA operatives played by Chris Pine and Tom Hardy fall for the same woman – Reese Witherspoon. Throughout the film they employ their incomparable skills at each other in hopes of winning her over.

I liked the fact that they mated action addicts and romantic comedy lovers in one cinema. It created a joyful atmosphere that balanced itself narrowly when it came to general morals.

Final Verdict: Something to watch when you are looking for a date movie or just lots of laughing.

Tags: 20th Century Fox; Reese Whitherspoon; Chris Pine; Tom hardy; Angela Bassett.





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