Feeding From Disease? – by Kay Valkir Noctem


Some people lambaste Vampyres as “energy thieves” and “leeches”, believing that they only take energy/ka from people and while receiving all the advantages, not giving the donor any thing in return. I have been experimenting with a psi-feeding method during the last couple of months, using a technique that may or may not change a rather common misconception of psi-vamps. 

[Before I begin, please note that my partner willingly participated in this experiment!]

Think about it, if this works as I think it does, then a Vampyre can heal a donor and still get some of the energy they need.

Let’s say you have a sick donor. Mostly we won’t feed from a sick donor, but in this case, I am talking about feeding off of the virus/bacteria in the donor.

As flu and cold viruses and such are living organisms that have their own energy, I thought to try to feed off of that energy from the bacteria/virus infecting my poor partner.

What did I do? I placed my left hand on my partners back – in my opinion, skin-on-skin works best. Then I closed my eyes and concentrated on pulling/sucking the energy from the cold/flu organisms inside her, that were making her sick. My hand started to become warm.  All the donor/patient needed to do, is remain still.

I think if you try this, you should notice or experience the same signs as well. Your donor will start feeling better and you should feel a touch better too.

The outcome? To my surprise it actually worked! I felt a little more energised and her cold symptoms became less intense, enough for her to be able to rest peacefully and breathe better.

The benefits to the Vampyre? Though this is not by any means enough to make the hunger go away, it is just enough to take the edge off during a dry spell like I’m having now – I psi feed off of storms, rain, wind, and right now there haven’t been any for a while.

“Unfortunately” I can’t experiment further for now – as my partner is healthy and well again (a good thing, as it’s not nice having a grumpy, sick partner!).

To all of you out there who believe that as self identified Vampyres we only take ka/energy from people without giving anything back – and in your opinion only harm them with our need for feeding off energy, this one is for you. Psi Vampyres can feed and help someone heal too, in a way that is beneficial to both donor and Vampyre.

I wish you luck with your own investigations into what I have found so far!






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3 responses to “Feeding From Disease? – by Kay Valkir Noctem

  • Rob Read

    This is very interesting as it is so similar to sensations experienced in hands-on healing.

    My ex-wife, being a spiritualist medium, often got me involved with healing at the churches she attended. The main difference I can see is that as a healer, I was drawing energy from a bright white light above me and passing that energy through my hands into the patient. I’ve never considered myself to be a vampire, but the healing energy passing through me gave strength and was beneficial to my health as much as the patient’s.

    I too would feel the heating sensations in the palms of my hands, but also with the sensation of a build-up of static electricity – similar to the feeling of placing the hand near the screen of an old TV set. The latter may be because we were advised never to touch the patient, but to place the hands about a centimetre or two from the skin to prevent accusations of sexual abuse.

  • Mordred

    I have tried this.. the patient gets better, but I end up getting sick instead!

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