An Introduction To The Aura – by Circe Arcanum

What are we talking about here – magic, airy fairy, hippy stuff or scientific fact? There are many sides to this story and though I do try and present both sides I can see auras most of the time, emotions get in the way lots but I can sense the different levels of energy around people and  when I what to can see the colours, so I’ll admit bias here. I know that an aura is a very real part our material world that we live in and learning to use are own and be aware of others is a skill that all should know something about.

For those of you like me, who prefer to hear all sides of a discussion before forming your own opinions, I have provided both the current scientific thinking as I understand them and my own experiences of what I see and how I do so.

I can only present you with the facts as I see them and I totally respect you if you see them differently.

Auras have been observed throughout the ages. It has been studied as far back in history as we are able to reach. Adepts of all religions speak of experiencing of seeing light around people’s head.  Through such religions practices such as prayer or meditation, they raise their frequency levels higher enough to reach a state of expanded consciousness and open up their extra senses.  Around the world ancient people have called this light many things: – a halo, prana, chi, astral light.  Each culture had a different name for the same phenomenon.  As our scientific knowledge expands and becomes more sophisticated we are able to measure and record this phenomenon, most commonly called the aura.

Human beings are not simply physical bodies defined by, and enclosed within, a barrier of skin.  We have subtle energy bodies that extend out towards, and interact with, everything around us, including other people.  Our thoughts and feelings reach others, just as their emotions wash over us.  Sensitive people can pick up other people’s physical or emotional conditions.  Have you developed a headache, only to have the person sitting next to you complain of exactly the same pain?  Sometimes we take that pain away with us without ever knowing it is not ours.  We may feel drained and exhausted after a quick word with someone.  A few desperate people that can act like a leech: vampires don’t only just exist in fiction!  Like wise we can feel happy and uplifted after meeting a particular person, or upset and depressed after another, a feeling which has nothing to do with what has passed between us verbally.  It is all a question of the energies they are giving out and how we respond.

It is an interesting law of science is that wherever there is an electrical current there is a magnetic field. The human body is filled with electricity, especially in the nerves and muscles.  It follows therefore, that there is a field of magnetic radiation about the body.  This is the basis of vibrating energy, light, sound and radio waves are all part of this spectrum.  This magnetic energy is detectable and recordable and can provide a scientific explanation of the aura.

The Russian Semyon Kirlian began his experiments in 1939 in taking photographs of the aura of people and plants. Kirlian discovered by chance that all living things plants, animals of people possess a energy field around them that can be seen when a life form is placed in a high frequency discharge. Moreover, the size & brilliance of these patterns reflect the condition the life form is in, a growing plant, for instance has a far stronger aura than one that has been cut or damaged.

Some people are able to see the aura that surrounds us. This is a multi-layered energy field that pulsates with colour according to our mood and health.  It resonates with the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being. As auric photography show, each person’s aura is unique. In one person it may extend out several meters; in another it will be tight and close to the body. Angry reds and magentas may predominate in fiery strong willed people, and pale blues and pinks can be found in more passive and calm people.  In mediation or prayer the aura expands and becomes golden.  Intuitives can usually ‘see’ or ‘feel’ how we are feeling from the colours we are giving out.

Psychics are able to read in this aura your whole emotional history.  Indeed for many it is like an autobiography.  All the details of our lives are set out there. Therapists use this information to diagnose sickness and injury of all kinds. It is a very useful and wonderful skill to acquire and do it consciously.

We often unconsciously ‘read’ auras to get to know what other people are thinking or feeling. When we meet someone for the first time instinctively we know whether they are friendly or not.

The aura, most people believe, extends from just above the surface of the skin out to infinity, blending and mixing with every other living thing and their energy field.  It becomes more ethereal the further it extends from the physical body, and beyond about a meter it is almost impossible to see clearly.

There are many layers to the human aura and it depends on the sensitivity of the person that is observing on what they can see.

I see many swirling colours and flickers of light and shadow.  I drew them when I was a child – no outlines but clouds of colour, my children do the same. There are strong power centers of the human aura that radiate out, front and back, from every one of us.  These are called chakras, which is a Sanskrit word for Wheel.

(I will talk much more about chakras on another article but mention them here to emphasize how very they are very much part of the aura.)

The Etheric Body is the first layer of your aura it relates to your physical well being, is the composed of tiny energy beams similar to the lines on a television screen.  It has the same structure as the physical body including all the anatomical parts and the organs. There is a definite structure of lines of force or energy matrix upon which the physical matter are shaped and anchored, it could be supposed that when a life form is created on this plane this is the very first body that is created and the physical body is hung on the Etheric Body energy frame.

The colour varies from light blue to grey.  People that are more physically sensitive tend to the more bluish end of the spectrum, while those that are more robust and athletic will tend to have a more greyish Etheric colour. One can perceive the shape and the state of the body organs but it takes a finely tuned eye to make them out as healthy organs are grey/blue clouds with a grey/blue background.  Only if there are dark shadows attached to the organs are they really visible, for instance, I can often spot a smoker by the dark shadows on their lungs in the Etheric body.

The Emotional body is our second layer of the aura it the feeling level, it very roughly follows the outline of the physical body and the Etheric body.  Its structure is much more fluid though and I often see it like a river of colours in continual fluid motion.  This level on most people is very beautiful even the ‘darker’ emotions of anger and envy are an amazing kaleidoscope of colour.  This level can flare off and penetrate all other levels; it can also vary in flow and intensity.  Its colours also change from brilliant clarity to dark muddy hues, depending on the strength and content of the emotion.  Clear and highly energized feelings such as love, excitement, joy and contentment are bright and can dazzle.  Children in these states leave me blinking in the strong light.  While confused pain filled emotions are dark and muddy, if you are feeling lost, sad and blue? You most probably are on this level.

The Mental Body is the third layer out from our body, which relates to your state of mind.  It could be called your psychological aura. This extends beyond the emotional and is composed of a very fine substance that is like a very delicate water colour painting.  Our Mental level contains the structure of our thoughts and ideas and is mostly yellow.  I have read that some can actually see thought forms on this level but I cannot see that clearly, I can get a sense of what most people are thinking but consider it to be very rude to do so uninvited.

It goes to follow that the clearer your thought form is the clearer this body is.  Most people have a very muddy Mental Body.

There are seven levels of the aura according to scientific sources and I can believe that but once you go beyond the Mental body you get to the Astral Body and there you get into other realms where there are many beings with astral bodies and no physical bodies, and I get confused to what I am actually seeing, so I am going to leave it at the third layer.

Seeing Auras for the first time is easier that you think, when I was a child I remember seeing trails of light and colour behind people as they passed, if you go out at night with other people and it is really dark look at them and see the ‘energy’ of who they are, if they are talking see the particles dance and spin as they get more and more into what they are saying.  This is a great way to start to be aware of the auras of other people.

Another way to start is to lie on your back on the grass on a nice sunny day and gaze up at the blue sky. After some time you will able to see tiny globules making squiggly patterns against the blue of the sky.  They seem to be tiny white balls, sometimes with a black spot, that appears for a second or two, leave a slight trail then disappear again.  When you continue this observation and expand your vision, you will begin to see the whole field pulsating in a synchronized rhythm. On bright sunny days these tiny energy balls will be vivid and move very fast.  On cloudy days they will be translucent and move slowly and be far fewer in number. They are lacking in energetic charge.  The brightest, fastest moving truly abundant charged globules I have observed where in the Drakensburg Mountains in South Africa, never have I seen such energy.

When you have practiced seeing the white tiny balls for a while.  Shift your gaze to the edge of the treetops against the blue sky.  You may see a green haze around the trees. You may notice that there are no globules in this haze. But if you look closer, you will see them at the edge of the green haze changing their squiggly pattern and flowing into the aura of the tree, where they disappear.  All life forms feed off these charged particles.  The green haze appears pale in the spring and has a pink hue in the time of blossom, just watching nature in this way can leave you feeling happy and uplifted.

If you look closely at a house plant, you will see a similar phenomenon.  Put the plant under bright lights with a dark background behind it. You may see lines of blue/green flashing up the plant along the leaves in the direction of growth.  They will suddenly flash; then the colour slowly fades, only to flash again, perhaps on the opposite side of the plant. These lines will react to your hand, or a piece of quartz crystal, if you bring them near the aura of the plant.  As you draw away from the plant the aura of your hand or crystal will stretch to maintain.

Inanimate objects also have an aura. Most personal objects become imbued with the energy of the owner and radiate this energy.  Give me your car keys and I can tell you about your health and emotional state of being. Gems and crystals have fascinating auras with many layers and complicated patterns that can be used for many things like healing and imparting beauty. For example, the amethyst a sparkly purple crystal has a golden yellow aura that can help clarify things in your Mental body.

Try using your hands instead of the plant what do you ‘see’ then?  It is all subject to your unique perception and how you ‘see’ the world.  Maybe you ‘sense’ energy better than you ‘see’ it.  Not everyone sees colour some can sense vibration and frequency, where are your strengths?

If our aura is strong and clear, we will be well protected. However, shock and trauma can lead to breaks, or weakness in the auric fields as can physic attack and geopathic stress, such as electromagnetic radiation. Any weakness makes us more vulnerable to influences such as advertising or other people’s will.

By becoming aware of the aura and strengthening its protective function, we can safeguard ourselves against unwanted intrusion or insidious energy leakage.  A simple visualisation exercise, preformed once a day for a week will vastly increase the amount of protection from your aura. Awareness of your own field is a big step in making it strong you start to notice people brushing against your aura on the street and in crowd.  For many years I just couldn’t do crowds, waves of colour, thoughts, and feelings would wash over me and I could get dizzy and nauseous fast. I have learnt to shield better and have actually used my aura to part the people ahead of me so I could get through, a nice nudge and people will stand back from you and let you pass, a useful application of the aura.

Children are very open and get hurt emotionally and physically very often and I learnt that I can use my aura like a large pair of wings to enfold them in a soothing healing field of safety that helps them calm down and see past the minor trauma of a skinned knee or bruised feeling.

Energy is constantly on the move and the constant give and take, ebb and flow of interactions of everyone is exhausting to watch let alone to take part of.  I watch people at parties and those that are the most popular people that can move smoothly through crowds making people laugh and feel at ease are those whose aura is strongest and brightest.  They could hate everyone around them or feel sick and irritated inside but they still can make people feel relaxed and happy to be with them.  This is the aura being used as a mask and this takes practice and training.  Actors and pop stars do it and the more successful ones do this the best, shape their image and their aura into something sparking and attractive, it takes its toll through as these people tend to ‘burn out’ if they not careful with their energy levels.

Sit quietly alone and be aware of your breath, then be aware of your heart beat and blood pumping in your body.  Move your awareness to outside your body to just above your skin and feel a slight buzz or tingle.  This is your aura and this is the first step to knowing and shaping this field.

Let the door open……





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