In The Picture: Movie Reviews – by Nadine

This weeks review: Step Up Revolution


The plot was a cliché – Rich girl, falls for a poor boy. Rich girl’s dad just so happens to be the person that is buying up all the properties and renovating the city. Poor boy protests against the city council as the area in question is the place where he and all his make a living.

Doomed love, or not?

Yes, the plot might have been a cliché but, sometimes you need to use something so dead ordinary to create something epic.

The 2012 version of the Step Up Series that started in 2006 with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan – Tatum has definitely grown into something smashing over a six year period. Step Up – Revolution delivering (what I feel) the best performances so far when it comes to dancing. In this 2012 film, producers and performers manage to put dance over into a refined art.

The latter gives the film an edge which many dance films lack. Add that (loads of perfectly choreographed dance) and a combination of revolution and you have something so spectacular that no one could walk away and not feel a sense of love towards the arts.

Astonishingly well executed!!

Go check out the trailer


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